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Men are meant to be fancier in autumn

Oct 05, 2012
  • Writer by JI Yong-jin
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You don’t want to miss these male actors in October’s new films
Autumn is often said to be the ‘masculine season’. New films with variety and bountiful fun factors are ready to be released in October. Here are 4 films with leading actors who will catch your attention. LEE Je-hoon is to show off his new charm in Ghost Sweepers. SO Ji-sub, to fascinate you with fabulous action will play a role of A Company Man. As he never has, RYOO Seung-bum won’t let you down in Perfect Number. Forget about SONG Joong-ki until yesterday. now he is A Werewolf Boy.
◇  LEE Je-hoon is to show off his new charm in Ghost Sweepers

119 min | Comedy / Horror
DIRECTOR SHIN Jung-won | CAST KIM Su-ro, KWAK Do-won, LEE Je-hoon |  RELEASE October 3
At a village full of mysterious incidents Wooljin-ri, Korea’s best exorcists get together. Celebrity shaman Mr. Park(KIM Su-ro), holder of Ph.D degree in engineering Seok-hyeon(LEE Je-hoon), ghost watcher Sim-in(KWAK Do-won), tarot card reader who sees the past Seung-hui(KIM Yun-hye), foreseeing kid Wol-gwang(YANG Gyeong-mo) and journalist hunting for an exclusive story Chan-yeong(KANG Ye-won) gather at Wooljin-ri to figure out what goes on with the village. It is a new film made by SHIN Jung-won, the director of a unique film that lies in between comedy and horror To Catch A Virgin Ghost (2004) and a funny monster action film Chaw (2009).
◇ SO Ji-sub, to fascinate you with fabulous action will play a role of A Company Man
96 min | Action
DIRECTOR IM Sang-yoon | CAST SO Ji-sub, LEE Mi-youn | RELEASE October 18
JI Hyeong-do (SO Ji-sub) appears to be an employee at a metal processing company, but in fact he works for a contract killing firm. Among young colleagues, Hun (KIM Dong-jun) reminds him of his younger days. One day, while he was on a mission with Hun, he finds himself hesitating a second for some reason and stands against the company he invested everything in his life. His relationship Hun’s mother (LEE Mi-youn) made him feel the happiness of normal life for the first time, so he starts to long for it. But one of his superiors Jong-tae (KWAK Do-won) has kept his eyes on JI Hyeong-do and finds out that he has changed. Professional killer JI Hyeong-do struggles to quit his job for the love he hound and ends up being targeted by the company. A Company Man is basically a noir film about a man longing to shift from the dark world to a new world, but from another point of view, it carries the reality that a contract killer is a salary man after all. Smooth and speedy action of ‘Systema’, known as Russian special forces’ martial art, adds real action to the film. They didn’t have to edit the film to make the action look fast because the martial art itself is already fast enough. The audiences will be excited to see the real fights of killers.
◇ As he never has, RYOO Seung-bum won’t let you down in Perfect Number

119 min | Drama
DIRECTOR PANG Eun-jin | CAST RYOO Seung-bum, LEE Yo-won, CHO Jin-woong | RELEASE October 18
Sek-go(RYOO Seung-bum) is a math genius, but he lives as an ordinary mate teacher. He one day finds out about a murder committed by his beloved woman Hwa-seon (LEE Yo-won) and tries to make perfect alibis to cover her misdeed. But detective Min-beon(CHO Jin-woong) digs out the truth and drives them into the corner. Based on HIGASHINO Keigo’s novel ‘The Devotion of Suspect X’, this is a warm melodrama that looks like a mystery.
◇ Forget about SONG Joong-ki  until yesterday. now he is A Werewolf Boy

TBD min | Drama
DIRECTOR JO Sung-hee | CAST SONG Joong-ki, PARK Bo-young | RELEASE October 31
A werewolf boy(SONG Joong-ki) was wasted by the world and lives in the wild and a lonely girl(PARK Bo-young) lives with her mind closed to the world. The boy meets the girl. She remembers a boy she knew half a century before. Moving to a peaceful village when she was a girl she discovered a “wolf boy,” hiding his large, contorted body in the darkness. The girl, now a woman, has never been able to purge the images of his wild eyes and animal-like behavior from her mind. She teaches the boy how to live in the society, then they gradually understand each other. Bothered by the way the wild boy behaves, she teaches him to wait for food, how to wear, how to speak and how to write one after another. Later, she opens her mind to the naive boy and finally feels the emotion of love for the boy, who was the first human who held out a hand to her. One day, the boy accidently reveals the hidden instinct of the beast when endangered, and unintentionally scare people. Even in such a situation, he tries to protect the girl. Agonized by the reality that they cannot stay together, she leaves him behind making a promise she cannot keep. “Wait for me. I’ll come back for you.” Directed by JO Sung-hee, the director of Don't Step Out of the House (2009), which won the Best Film Award at the 10th Jeonju International Film Festival, A Werewolf Boy was officially invited to the Open Cinema section of the 17th Busan International Film Festival, the Dragons & Tigers section of the 31st Vancouver International Film Festival and the Contemporary World Cinema section of the 37th Toronto International Film Festival.

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