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FILM Emergency Declaration, 3 Points of View to Enjoy It

  Emergency Declaration is a reality aviation disaster film that takes place over an airplane that has declared an unconditional landing in the face of an unprecedented disaster situation. In particular, the film was officially invited as the only Korean film in the Out of Competition Section at the 74th Cannes Film Festival held in July 2021, drawing attention from filmmakers around the world even before its release. Now, Emergency Declaration has been confirmed to be released in January 2022 and is ready to welcome the audience. To enjoy Emergency Declaration better, which will open fire the New Year, let’s take a look at its charms, focusing on 3 points of view. Point 1 The First Aviation Disaster Movie in Korea Above all, Emergency Declaration is drawing keen attention in that it is Korea's first aviation disaster film that will convey an overwhelming sense of immersion. In particular, the turbulence sequences, which reproduce the disaster in the

COMPANY Studio Bonanza

Luke KIM _ Sales Manager  Q. Give us a brief introduction to your work, position, and career, please. Hello, I'm Luke Kim, who is in charge of various tasks, including overseas sales, at Mirovision Inc./Studio Bonanza. Q. Please introduce your company briefly and tell us about your recent successful overseas sales. Mirovision was established in 1998 and has been steadily producing, distributing, and selling a number of movies overseas. The representative work of Mirovision is The Housemaid (2010). And Studio Bonanza was established separately in 2017, and currently, Mirovision is in charge of film production while Studio Bonanza is progressing film distribution. Q. I think you could have some difficulties while working due to COVID-19. Tell us how things are going now. This year, the situation seems to be a bit better than in 2020, but overseas markets are still online, so I feel frustrated in many ways. I hope the situation will get better next year and we can have offl

FILM Kingmaker from Three Points of View

Kingmaker from Three Points of View In December, another Korean film Kingmaker is coming. While a fierce battle between the actors full of presence is expected, we will look at the charms of Kingmaker with three points.   Point 1. From Gazes to Gestures, Sul Kyunggu Has Turned into a Politician Character Sul Kyunggu, who perfectly played all characters in various genres and works such as The Book of Fish, Birthday and The Merciless, will challenge the role of ‘Kim Woonbeom,’ a politician with conviction and passion through Kingmaker. 'Kim Unbeom' is a politician who challenges the world to achieve a cause and believes that victory must be accompanied by the legitimacy of purpose and means. From the integrity of Kim Woonbeom to the inner side of the man who is agonizing from the center of the hot presidential election, Sul will depict the character in depth. Director Byun Sunghyun reunited with Sul Kyunggu through Kingmaker after The Merciles

ACTOR Song Joongki

His Good-looking Never Shadows His Acting Talent. Song Joongki is a Brand That Holds Popularity and Star Quality. Recently, Song Joongki finished filming the new movie <BOGOTA> and is waiting for the day to meet the audience. The movie was cranked in Colombia in January last year, but it had to suffer twists and turns as filming was suspended in the aftermath of COVID-19. In this movie, Song Joongki is pulling off a very tough character that he has never shown before. Even before entering the entertainment industry, Song Joongki drew attention as a handsome guy from a prestigious university. He even saw his fan community created after appearing in a quiz show. Starting with the role of Notak, one of the bodyguards protecting the young and handsome king in Song’s debut film <A Frozen Flower> (2008), the actor mainly played the characters with a pretty boy image, such as one in <Five Senses of Eros>(2009) and <Hearty Paws 2> (2010) and other TV dramas. Afte

FILM The Roundup from 3 Points of View

<The Roundup> from 3 Points of View <The Roundup> will be released as the sequel of <The Outlaws> which is considered the top three box office hits and a legendary comeback in popularity among R-rated films. From 3 points of view, let’s examine <The Roundup> armed with a more exciting story and intense scale.     Point 1 Don Lee is Coming Back as a Monstrous Cop Don Lee lives up to his reputation as Korea's best action star. He has adhered to his style in criminal genres such as <The Chronicles of Evil>, <Deep Trap>, <Train To Busan>, <Derailed>, <The Bros>, <Champion>, <Along with the Gods> series, <The Villagers>, <Unstoppable>, <The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil>, <THE BAD GUYS: REIGN OF CHAOS>, and <Ashfall>. In addition, Don Lee is the first Korean actor to appear as Gilgamesh in Marvel Studio's new film <Eternals>.  Similar characters may overlap, givi

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Studio Bonanza
Kingmaker from Three Points of View
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