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Art House Screenings

Jan 20, 2019 ~ Jan 26, 2019
  • A Hometown In My Heart (2014)

    Do-seong is a little monk, abandoned by his mother as a baby and raised by the chief monk, a distant relative. The boy has never seen his mother but misses her constantly. One day, Do-seong meets a young widow and feels as if she is his mother. The widow has come to the...

    • Director : Park Stanley
    • Main Cast :
    • Genre : Drama
  • A Long Farewell (2018)

    Dunchon Jugong Apts. at the edge of the Seoul. It has been over 10 years since discussions of rebuilding these old Apts. complexes began. The inhabitants tell us about their soon-to-be-demolished houses and Apts. Some people are now raising daughters in the house they l...

    • Director : Raya
    • Main Cast :
    • Genre : Documentary
  • A Short Love Affair (1990)

    Bae Il-do, grown up in a country unappreciated, ran away from home and works as a taylor. His wife also went through a lot growing up under the step mother's harsh treatment then working as house keeper and hostess at a bar. She met Il-do accidentally, lived together an...

  • After My Death (2017)

    My close friend is dead, and people swam around me for answers.

    One day, a high school girl Kyung-min goes missing. She seemed to jump off a bridge to her death, but without a body, or a suicide note, no conclusion can be drawn. People question Young-hee who...

  • Goodbye, My Girlhood (2018)

    • Director :
    • Main Cast :
    • Genre : Documentary
  • Grown Up (2018)

    I have a sister who is one year younger than me. She spent her time living in a residential facility for the disabled from 13 to 30 years of age, simply because she has a moderately severe developmental disability. It was only after those many years that I realized my s...

  • Hello Dayoung (2018)

    Deliverer Minjae is secretly in love with Dayoung who works at Samjin Corporation. But the innocence of young man is not easily compensated, waiting for a courier to be delivered to the company in order to meet her.One day, he finds that the members of Samjin treat her ...

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