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Dec 07, 2023 ~ Dec 13, 2023
  • A Wild Roomer (2022)

    A carpenter Gi-hong has recently completed an interior work of a piano class with his friend Kyoung-jun. In order to keep Kyoung-jun, their next work should come around fast, however, unlike Gi-hong’s hope they are stalled without any work. Kyoung-jun eventually deci...

  • Chelsia My Love (1976)

  • Hwang-jin-i (1986)

    Jin-ie, daughter of magistrate Hwang, with both wits and beauty, is dumped the day before her wedding because of the suicide of a leather-shoe maker who had a crush on her. Shocked by the shoe-maker's death, Jin-ie becomes a kisaeng. Her fame as a kisaeng grows far and ...

  • Late Autumn (2010)

    Anna is on her way to Seattle to attend her mother’s funeral on a special weekend release from prison where she is serving time for manslaughter for killing her abusive husband. On the bus, she meets Hoon, a “companion for hire” for lonely, older women. But, both...

  • Love Me Once Again (1968)

    Hye-young (Moon Hee), a kindergardten teacher, and Shin-ho (Shin Young-kyun) are in love. Hye-young takes care of Shin-ho who lives alone as a boarder, dreaming of a happy future together. But one day, Shin-ho's wife (Jeon Gye-hyeon) arrives unexpectedly with his two ch...

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