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A new edition of the Korean Cinema series is published each year as a source of information and reference for members of the international film community.
This annual English-language overview is comprised of information on films, basic statistics, and updated lists of film organizations and companies in Korea.
Here on the website, this series can be found in PDF file format from the 2000 edition on. We hope that Korean Cinema with its newly improved contents and format, will provide a useful and convenient aid to friends of Korean films around the world.
  • Korean Cinema : from Origins to Renaissance

    Korean Cinema:from Origins to Renaissance is compiled for the Korean Film Council(KOFIC)'s English Website to provide foreigners with a better understanding and easier access to Korean film history and cinemas. It aims to meet the increasing demand for in-depth study of the Korean cinema, as more and more Korean films are exported into foreign markets. Various topics appropriate to the brief essay format best suited to the web were selected for the chapters on the ten different periods of Korean film history.
    Eleven other important subjects were selected and discussed in separate chapters of their own. this book was also published and will be sold worldwide.

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Content by Period
Download list
The Exhibition of Moving Pictures and the Advent of Korean Cinema 1897~1925 PDF Download
The Japanese Colonial Period, Heyday of Silent Films 1926~1934 PDF Download
The Sound Film and Militarism 1935~1945 PDF Download
Liberation and the Korean War 1945~1953 PDF Download
The Revival the Film Industry 1954~1962 PDF Download
The Korean Cinema Renaissance and Genre Films 1963~1971 PDF Download
The Authoritarian Period and a Depression in the Film Industry 1972~1979 PDF Download
The New Military Regime's Rule over Culture and the Advent of The New Films Culture 1980~1987 PDF Download
The New Korean Cinema Movement 1988~1995 PDF Download
The Growth and Outlook of The Korean Cinema 1966~Present PDF Download
Content by Theme
Download list
Four Variations on Korean Genre Film: Tears, Screams, Violence and Laughter PDF Download
The Genealogy of Shinpa Melodramas in Korean Cinema PDF Download
The Debates around Realism in the Korean Cinema PDF Download
Freedom of Speech and Cinema: The History of Korean Film Censorship PDF Download
Changes in the Korean Star System PDF Download
Korean Women Directors PDF Download
The Representation of the Family in Korean Cinema PDF Download
Images of Women in Korean movies PDF Download
National Cinema-Who Is It For?:The History and Context of the Korean Cinema PDF Download
A History of Korean Film Policies PDF Download
Trends in the Structure of the Korean Film Industry PDF Download
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