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company_moive Dirty Money
ACEMAKER movieworks
에이스메이커 무비웍스
  • TEL +82 2 6952 8403
  • E-MAIL sales@acemaker.co.kr
  • WEBSITE www.acemaker.co.kr
  • ADDRESS 36 Dosan-daero 78-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06063, Korea
ACEMAKER movieworks is a dynamic financing, distribution, and production company of high-profile Korean contents. Since being founded in 2018, with great relation and focus on potential Korean filmmakers, the stable production pipeline has been the core of the company’s growth. From the tiniest inspiration of creators to the biggest enjoyment to the public, we select projects that satisfy both creativity and commercial appeal. Being a hub of most innovative story-telling, we also keep our eyes on new market trend and alternative distributing way in this challenging era

    2020DIRECTORKIM Min-soo GENRECrime, Noir
    CASTJUNG Woo, KIM Dae-myeong

    A desperate detective duo lay their hands on big, risky money.
    Two detectives in need; Myung-deuk looks after gang and takes bribes for his sick daughter; Dong-hyeok helps Myung-deuk to settle his gambling debts. One day they hear an information that Chinese gang is shipping a big amount of for themselves.


    2020DIRECTORHONG Ji-young GENRERomantic Comedy
    CASTKIM Kang-woo, YOO In-na, YOO Yeon-seok, LEE Yeon-hee, YOO Teo, CHOI Soo-young, LEE Dong-hwi, CHEN Du-ling

    ‘Lost-in-Love’ or ‘Be-in-Love’?
    1 romantic week of 4 different couples over New Year’s Eve


    2020DIRECTORKIM Tae-yong GENREDrama
    CASTBAE Suzy, CHOI Woo-shik, JUNG Yu-mi, PARK Bo-gum, TANG Wei
    *alphabetic order

    In the near future, advanced technology allows people to conduct video calls with loved ones that they can’t meet any longer in reality.

company_moive DRIVING SCHOOL
  • TEL +82 10 2730 1527
  • E-MAIL centralpark.co@gmail.com
  • WEBSITE www.centralparkfilms.co.kr
  • ADDRESS 101 ho, 104-70, Dangsan-dong 6-ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 07223 South Korea
CENTRAL PARK FILMS is one of the most passionate and youthful distribution agencies in Korea. Shorts distributed by CENTRAL PARK FILMS have attracted much attention with their high quality at many foremost film festivals like Cannes, Vancouver, Busan, Sitges, and so on. From 2014, we have begun to broaden our own field to production, distribution and international sales of feature films.

    2019DIRECTORHAN Dong-seok, LIM Seung-mi, KIM Jeong-ho GENREHorror Anthology
    CASTKO Bo-kyul, LEE Ga-sub

    As CENTRAL PARK FILMS' flagship horror anthology series, URBAN EVIL has been stepping stones for many rising stars and directors, one of whose commercial debut went on to become a Korean box office hit. In this third edition, our innermost guilt and desire take the forms of intruders - aliens in invasion, a delusional family and those who commit an irrevocable action. Featuring an


    2019DIRECTORBEFF GENREDance, Comedy
    CASTSHIM Hyun-seo, CHOI Min

    Yuwol, who is dancing all the time, has been considered to be the main culprit behind the dance virus at his school. The teachers calling for order begin to trace him. All 50 actors in this spectacle musical film are professional dancers, and especially the main actor took the title role in "Billy Elliot the Musical" in Korea. A short film with 2.5 million views on YouTube.


    2019DIRECTORKIM Jihee GENREQueer, Romance, Coming of age
    CASTKWON Young-eun, CHUNG Su-bin

    A teenage girl, Youngshin was forced to participate in a weight loss camp. After kissing her roommate, the boring camp life changes completely. A lovely short film illustrating the journey of two girls searching for love and self-esteem at the oppressive camp in a mountain.

company_moive LIMECRIME
Cinema Dal
  • TEL +82 2 337 2135
  • E-MAIL sales@cinemadal.com
  • WEBSITE www.cinemadal.com
  • ADDRESS 2F, 11-3, Sungkyunkwan-ro 5-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 03073, KOREA
Established in 2008, Cinema Dal has distributed independent films dedicated to documentaries. We are open to various ways of distribution from theatrical release to community screenings and online streaming services.
  • a still cut of the movie


    2020DIRECTORLEE Seung-hwan, YOO Jae-wook GENREDrama, Music
    CASTLEE Min-woo, JANG Yoo-sang

    Songju, a troubled boy who lives in a multi-house home and loves hip-hop, forms a hip-hop duo called 'Limecrime' with his classmate Jooyeon, an exemplary student who lives in a fancy apartment. Dreaming of being on the stage, the two boys decide to go to the same high school to rap together, but different backgrounds begin to separate their paths.

  • a still cut of the movie

    Sasang: The Town on Sand

    2020DIRECTORPARK Bae-il GENREDocumentary
    CASTPARK Sung-hee, CHOI Su-young

    The lives and bodies of Sung-hee and Su-young have been sites of ceaseless exploitation. The Capital tried to render their works invisible, and erase their very existence. And Sasang embraces the two people and their lives... This documentary unfolds the lives of those who live in Sasang, the “Town on Sand,” which preserves the scars left by the claws of the Capital.

  • a still cut of the movie

    Sister J

    2020DIRECTORLEE Soo-jung GENREDocumentary
    CASTLIM Jae-chun

    A worker who has been working in guitar factories for 30 years suddenly becomes a fired worker. In a struggle against injustice, Jaechun experiences a new life despite unfair and frustrating years. He speaks the lines of Shakespeare and Kafka on stages and plays cajón in the band. The middle-aged man who has only made guitars for his whole life is now called “Sister J” and becomes a person that makes people laugh.

  • a still cut of the movie

    Land and Housing

    2020DIRECTORKIM Ki-seong GENREDocumentary

    Built in the 1980s, Jugong Apartment complex in Bongmyeong-dong is a first-generation apartment in Cheongju and is about to be demolished due to the redevelopment plan. The residents who had waited in the hope of thwarting the plan until the end, start moving out one by one, and the gardens and trees they have cultivated get cut off. And those who want to remember the place that will soon disappear begin to visit the apartments.

  • a still cut of the movie


    CASTYOON Bak, WOO Jihyeon, PARK Mihyeon

    Mother disappeared. Son faces the truth that was hidden for thirty years. In 1983, a twisted love story among a woman, a revolutionary, and a fraktsiya unfolds.

company_moive SEOBOK
  • TEL +82 2 371 9297
  • E-MAIL filmsales@cj.net
  • WEBSITE www.youtube.com/user/MrCJENTERTAINMENT
  • ADDRESS 2nd Fl., CJ Human Ville Leadership Center, 24, Toegye-ro 36ga-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, 04626, Republic of Korea
Asia's No.1 motion picture studio with over 500 films ranging from the country's biggest box-office hits to critically acclaimed award-winners.
  • no-image

    Decision to Leave (W.T.)

    2021DIRECTORPARK Chan-wook GENRERomance, Crime
    CASTTANG Wei, PARK Hae-il

    Starring Tang Wei and Park Hae-il, <Decision to Leave> follows the story of detective ‘Hae-jun’ who, while investigating a mysterious death in the mountains, meets the victim’s widow ‘Seo-rae’ and develops mixed feelings of suspicion and interest towards her. The film marks the celebrated director’s return to Korean cinema following the BAFTA-winning feature <The Handmaiden>(2016).

  • a still cut of the movie

    Press Play

    2020DIRECTORGreg BJÖRKMAN GENRERomance, Music, Fantasy

    Laura and Harrison instantly fall in love with mysteriously intriguing Déjà vu as they share their interests in music. When an unexpected accident leads to Harrison’s death, Laura is devastated. Four years later, however, she is given seven unbelievable chances to travel back in time and change the course of Harrison’s fate through the mixtape they made together. As her opportunities quickly run out with each track on the mixtape, Laura struggles between fate and reality.

  • no-image

    The Boys (W.T.)

    2021DIRECTORCHUNG Jiyoung GENREDrama, Crime
    CASTSUL Kyunggu, YU Junsang, JIN Kyung

    1999, an old woman is murdered in her grocery shop by unknown assailants. The assigned detective soon arrests three teenage boys residing nearby and the case is seemingly closed. Detective HWANG, however, receives a tip that the boys are innocent- the true perpetrator is elsewhere. HWANG struggles to solve the case but is shunned off from the force instead. 15 years later, HWANG finds himself confronted by the three boys for his help in the retrial of their case.

  • a still cut of the movie

    Hide and Seek

    2020DIRECTORJoel David MOORE GENREThriller
    CASTJonathan Rhys MEYERS, Jacinda BARRETT, Joe PANTOLIANO,
    Sue Jean KIM

    Noah Blackwell is a member of the New York City financial elite, leading a luxurious life in Manhattan with his beautiful wife and two children. Soon after the death of his father, Noah discovers that Jacob, his missing brother, has resurfaced on the other side of town. As he follows a lead to find Jacob, Noah dives headlong into a twisted underworld of squatters and vagrants that threatens to tear apart his family as he struggles to maintain his sanity.

  • a still cut of the movie



    When her famous artist father Pakorn passes, Ruja returns home to Thailand with her daughter Rachel to take care of his legacy. Pakorn’s longtime friend and an art dealer Vichai advises Ruja to sell ‘Portrait of Beauty’ series, which is appraised at high value and sends his son Tim to fix minor cracks. As her stay in the house gets longer, Ruja and Rachel are terrorized by dark presence in the mansion and must face sinister truths behind the paintings.

company_moive NIGHT IN PARADISE
Contents Panda is Next Entertainment World’s international business and ancillary rights division. Its international sales division was founded in 2015, pitching top-notch films presented by NEW, Contents Panda and others.

    2020DIRECTORPARK Hoon-jung GENRECrime
    CASTEOM Tae-goo, JEON Yeo-been

    Tae-gu, the ace of criminal gang led by Mr. Yang, tries to clean up his life for his sick sister and nephew. Then one day, his sister and nephew were killed in an accident by someone who aimed for Tae-gu. Tae-gu decides to take revenge in shock. In the end, he removes the boss of another gang, and runs away to Jeju Island. Without knowing that his gang has already abandoned him, he meets Kuto and his niece, Jae-yeon who look after Tae-gu. Jae-yeon is dying from an illness, while Tae-gu intuitively feels the danger coming close. Things are getting tangled up, and Jae-yeon and Tae-gu who have no desire to live, start to feel pity for each other.


    2020DIRECTORYEON Sangho GENREDisaster, Zombie
    CASTGANG Dongwon, LEE Junghyun

    Jung-seok barely managed to escape from the unprecedented disaster in Korea 4 years ago and lives in exile in Hong Kong by himself. He is given a lucrative chance to return to Korea to retrieve large bags of cash left abandoned in the streets of Seoul.
    His mission is infiltrated ruined city of Seoul and secure the target truck before the sunrise, then return to Hong Kong unscathed. But he and his team are ambushed by a militia known as Unit 631 and vicious zombie hordes. During his desperate struggle to survive, Jung-seok experiences a moment of deus ex machina as survivor Min-jung and her family save him from brink of death. Together, they formulate one last plan to escape the peninsula for good. The prodigal son, the survivor and the deranged, their bloody battle begins!


    2020DIRECTORHONG Eui-jeong GENRECrime, Drama
    CASTYOO Ah-in, YOU Chea-myung

    Tae-in, who lost his voice, and Chang-bok make their livings cleaning up crime scenes. One day, they are left to take care of a kidnapped girl named Cho-hee, who was raised to be a kindhearted sister, obligated to take care of her brother in a male-oriented family.
    In fact, she was abducted instead of her brother, but because it has always been obvious to stand in for her brother, she manages to keep calm and swiftly read the situation she is placed in. Even when she sees Tae-in cleaning up brutal crime scenes, she keeps her calmness, acting the “good girl” inside her, even taking care of Tae-in’s little sister. Tae-in starts to open himself up to Cho-hee, while Chang-bok, who was supposed come back with Cho-hee’s ransom, becomes out of contact. Now Tae-in has to go through the situation all alone.


    2020DIRECTORLEE Soo-sung GENREHorror
    CASTLEE Chae-young, JO Jung-min, CHOI Cheol-ho

    Online fashion model Hyo-jung faces imminent threat of being unemployed because of the younger and more fashionable generation coming after her.
    While replying on surgical procedures and treatments, Hyo-jung hears about a mysterious yoga class that helps make perfect body shape from her old high school classmate, Ga-young. Hyo-jung eventually attends the yoga class with three classmates: Mi-yeon, a boxer who failed to keep her body fit, Ji-won, who has unstable mental condition, and Ye-na, a movie star who is morbidly obsessed with her appearance. Meanwhile, police start to investigate the enigma behind this yoga class after finding out that a murder in the neighborhood was committed by a woman named Bo-ra, a former yoga class student…


    2020DIRECTORSONG Hyun-joo GENREHorror
    CASTChan-hee, PARK You-na

    Hee-min recently moved to a new school, and on his first day, he falls in love at first sight with a girl named So-young. Hee-min happens to find So-young’s diary, and he decides to return the diary to her with Valentine’s day candy. In order to do so, on the eve of Valentine’s day, Hee-min sneaks into the school afterhours, but eventually realizes that strange things are happening. Meanwhile, So-young, who came back to the school looking for her lost diary, and a few other friends also get locked up. Running away from the bedeviled souls, they try to find their way out of the haunted school. Will they be able to survive the night?

  • HOSTAGE: Missing Celebrity

    2020DIRECTORPIL Gam-sung GENREThriller
    CASTHWANG Jung-min

    After a VIP movie premiere, Korean top movie star HWANG Jung-min gets kidnapped by strangers. Jung-min first thinks that someone is playing pranks, but the kidnappers’ cruelty helps Jung-min realize that the abduction is no joke. Jung-min tries to find his way out, while the kidnappers demand him a huge amount of ransom within 24 hours.
    Jung-min encounters a real brutality that is way different and more extreme than the ones he has seen in the movies.

company_moive RECALLED
Finecut Co., Ltd.
  • TEL +82 2 569 8777
  • E-MAIL cineinfo@finecut.co.kr
  • WEBSITE www.finecut.co.kr
  • ADDRESS Patio House #102 (Bldg. C), 22-14 Bongeunsa-ro 26-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06126, Korea
FINECUT is a film company specializing in international sales and marketing, production, financing and acquisition of high-end films. It also actively engages in co-production and financing for director-driven edgy projects from all over the world.
  • a still cut of the movie


    2021DIRECTORSEO You-min GENREMystery, Thriller, Drama
    CASTSEO Yea-ji, KIM Kang-woo, PARK Sang-wook, SUNG Hyuk

    Disturbing visions about chilling accidents.
    Post-traumatic memory loss.
    And a woman’s desperate fight to uncover the truth about her past.

  • a still cut of the movie



    A horrifying story of a shaman's inheritance in the Isan region of Thailand.
    What could be possessing a family member might not be the Goddess they make it out to be.

  • a still cut of the movie


    2021DIRECTORLEE Ji-won GENREDrama
    CASTLEE Kyung-hoon, YOON Kyung-ho., LEE Sang-hee

    While his mother is sick in the hospital and his father is always busy, nine-year-old Da-yi eats, sleeps, and manages to do everything well by himself. One day, he heads out on a short but lengthy trip to meet his mother with the help of his friends.

  • a still cut of the movie

    TOXIC (W/T)

    2021DIRECTORCHO Yong-sun GENREDrama, Mystery
    CASTKIM Sang-kyong, LEE Sun-bin, YOON Kyung-ho

    20,366 deaths, 950,000 affected, and 8,940,000 consumers. (Figures estimated by Kyunghyang daily news as of Sep 3, 2020)
    The massive scandal comes to light through a father's unwavering search for the truth behind the sudden death of his family.

  • a still cut of the movie


    2021DIRECTORYU Ha GENREHeist, Crime
    CASTSEO In-guk, LEE Soo-hyuk

    Korea has over 1,200km of pipeline that acts as the country’s artery. Drill-bit is a drilling prodigy who is offered by Gun-woo a large sum of money for completing the impossible heist to drill into the country’s biggest pipeline within a month. To get the job done in time, he puts together a team of misfits. Just as the cops get a wind of this oil heist, Drill-bit’s mine collapses, and the team gets cornered from all sides. As the operation gets delayed, Drill-bit promises to get the job done in 2 days but Gun-woo threatens their lives and plans to blow up both the oil tank and Drill-bit’s group…

  • a still cut of the movie


    2020DIRECTORJO Ba-reun GENREAction
    CASTAHN Ji-hye, LEE Min-ji, PARK Tae-san

    Since she was a child, Yeon-hee dreamt of becoming an action star. Even though she has an amazing swordsmanship, the reality of reaching her goal is just too hard for her to handle. One day, she is hired as a stand-in for an action film and goes onto the set, only to be transported to a lawless parallel world where people carry swords and kill each other without any retribution. Almost immediately, she is welcomed to the village as their protector and is respected by the villagers. And to save the villagers as a heroine, she begins to fight the villains back.

company_moive Evaporated
Indiestory Inc.
  • TEL +82 2 722 6051
  • E-MAIL indiestory@indiestory.com
  • WEBSITE www.indiestory.com
  • ADDRESS 2FL Woosung Bldg., 70 Kyonggidae-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 03736 Korea
Since 1998, Indiestory Inc. is Korean's leading production&distribution company dedicated to Korean independent film.s. We have distributed various titles including feature, short, animation, and documentary domestically and internationally.
  • Evaporated

    2019DIRECTORKim Sung-min GENREDocumentary
    CASTChoi Yong-jin, Choi Joon-sun, Choi Joon-won

    A daughter was missing on April 4th, 2000 from a playground near home. Her father has searched for her for 17 years. This documentary depicts the life of families left behind. They can't give up or can't keep searching. Their lives should go on. The film asks what is left after someone is evaporated. Also, it confronts the issue that society has long neglected through the story of a family that is becoming gradually isolated from the world.

  • Fanfare

    2019DIRECTORLEE Don-ku GENREThriller
    CASTLim Hwa-young, Park Jong-hwan, Nam Yeon-woo

    The Hallowe’en festivities in Itaewon are interrupted by a murder in a local pub. One woman remembers being at the same pub, but is not sure why...

  • The Hill of Wind

    2019DIRECTORPark Suk-young GENREDrama
    CASTJeong Eun-gyeong, Jang Sun, Kim Tae-hee

    After the funeral of her husband, Youngboon tells her stepson, Yongjin, that she wants to go for a short trip. But actually she is going for a job interview in a far away countryside city, Taebeak. What Youngboon really wants is to start a new life. Fortunately, she got the job as a cleaning lady in a small motel. At the first night, she walked out to meet an old friend but only to receive a letter saying Hanhee is looking for her mother, Youngboon.

  • Our Cat

    2019DIRECTORLee Hee-seop GENREDocumentary

    Lenny, a cat born on the street, was forced to part with her mother cat by an ignorant human. Soon after, she is abandoned and thrown back on the road. Fortunately, Lenny is rescued and after being moved to a temporary shelter, she meets the current butler.

  • A Leave

    2020DIRECTORLEE Ran-hee GENREDrama
    CASTLEE Bong-ha, KIM Ah-seok, SHIN Woon-seop

    A 49-year old fired worker Jae-bok has been staging a sit-in in Seoul for 5 years with his colleagues. After the union lost the final lawsuit against the nullification of layoffs, they decided to take 10 days off. Jae-bok goes back to home in and works at a furniture factory during a leave to earn money for his daughter’s college tuition deposits and long padding. At a time when he is satisfied with his re-starting labor in five years and his small daily life with his daughters, Jae-bok is offered a full-time job...

company_moive ONE WIN
  • TEL 070 8852 7111
  • E-MAIL sales@kmovieenter.com
  • ADDRESS 3F, 35, Dosan-daero 49-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06020, Korea
K-MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT is a world sales company founded in 2018, devoted to introducing the finest Korean films to the international market. With a selection of titles from veteran production houses as well as emerging filmmakers, K-MOVIE's line-ups are diverse from commercial to arthouse title including the Cannes-invited 'The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil', 'One Win' featuring PARASITE star SONG Kang-ho, 'Josée', 'I Don't Fire Myself', 'Spiritwalker' and 'The Roundup', starring Don LEE.
  • a still cut of the movie


    2021DIRECTORSHIN Yeon-shick GENREComedy, Drama
    CASTSONG Kang-ho, PARK Jeong-min, PARK Myung-hoon, JANG Yoon-ju, LEE Min-ji

    A touching comedy drama of a down-on-his-luck volleyball coach (SONG Kang-ho) who takes on the challenge of leading a women's volleyball team that is totally out of order and just needs one win.

  • a still cut of the movie


    2021DIRECTORKIM Bong-han GENREAction, Noir
    CASTPARK Sung-woong, OH Dae-hwan

    Woo-chul (PARK Sung-woong) used to be a successful boxer, but he had to go to prison because his opponent died in the middle of a match. Now that he’s been released, he intends to become a model citizen. Meanwhile, his friend Do-sik (OH Dae-hwan) will do whatever it takes to get ahead. After choosing different paths, they will be forced to plot against and betray one another.

  • a still cut of the movie

    LONG DAY (w/t)

    2021DIRECTORCHO Sung-kyu GENREDrama
    CASTKIM Dong-wan, NAM Bo-ra, KIM Sung-je, SEO Jun-young, SHIN So-yul, JEONG Yeon-joo

    When novelist Hyun-soo moves to a new place, he is suddenly visited by a strange woman who says that she used to live there. Hyun-soo and Jeong-yoon discuss a movie Jeong-yoon plans to make, but this results in them breaking up and say their goodbyes. A stranger named Yoon-joo tells Hyun-soo a secret about his dead wife So-young, and he decides to go explore her past. Novelist Jeong-yoon goes to meet Yoon-joo, the person she based her novel on, in order to finish some business. They are all wandering, in her memories, in his novel and in their movies... This day is just like a cloud floating in the sky, and it isn’t over yet.

  • a still cut of the movie


    2021DIRECTORLEE Sangyong GENRECrime, Action
    CASTDon LEE (a.k.a MA Dong-seok), SON Sukku

    The ‘Beast Cop’ MA Seok-do heads to a foreign country to extradite a suspect, but soon after his arrival, he discovers additional murder cases and hears about a vicious killer who has been committing crimes against tourists for several years. To catch an unprecedented criminal, Detective MA and his team must go the extra mile!

  • a still cut of the movie


    2021DIRECTORYOON Youngbin GENREAction, Noir
    CASTYOO O-seong, JANG Hyuk

    The boss of the biggest crime gang in Gangneung, O, plans to construct the largest resort in Asia. His most trusted underboss Gil-suk(YOO O-seong) leads a comfortable life, carrying out O’s orders every day without ever dreaming of betraying him. Min-suk(JANG Hyuk), a young gangster from Seoul with brains and ambitions, decides to jump into the resort business to build up his own influence. Min-suk uses all sorts of violent and deceitful means to acquire the resort. This puts O’s gang at risk, making Gil-suk hungry for revenge.

  • a still cut of the movie


    2021DIRECTORYOON Jae-keun GENREFantasy, Action
    CASTYOON Kye-sang, PARK Yong-woo, LIM Ji-yeon

    A man loses his memory and wakes up in a new body every 12 hours, each time forced to discover who he is anew. This condition begins when he wakes up in the middle of a car crash, in the body of someone he doesn't recognize, without any knowledge of who he is. He begins to realize that his spirit is stuck to a different body and moves every 12 hours. In his desperate search to find himself, he comes across a woman who claims to recognize him. As he bores deeper into the mystery, he runs into a secretive organization that appears to be chasing him. Before it's too late, he must find a way back into his own body.

company_moive WHISPERING
KT Alpha
케이티 알파
  • TEL +82 2 3289 2031
  • E-MAIL hana.choi@kt.com
  • WEBSITE https://kthsales.modoo.at
  • ADDRESS 23, Boramae-ro 5-gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, Korea 07071
KT Alpha is one of the subsidiaries of the KT(Korea Telecom, one of the most recognizable and respected telephone company in Korea). In contents previous biz, we hold the IP based film contents over 10,000 and more than 1-- distribution channels and maintain high growth of biz through partial investment and N-screen services.

    2020DIRECTORCHO Jung-lae GENREDrama
    CASTLEE Bong-geun, LEE Yu-ri

    In the era of corruption, Hak-gyu sings songs and tells stories on the street with his band. One day, Hak-gyu's wife Gan-nan is kidnapped by gangsters and his daughter Cheong loses her eyesight after the incident. He decides to travel in search of his missing wife and learns that corrupted noblemen are behind the mob.


    2020DIRECTORLEE Myung GENREHorror, Mystery
    CASTKIM Seo-hyung, KIM Hyeon-soo

    Eun-hee is hired as a vice principal at her old high school, where strange things take place in the closed down washroom. High school student Ha-young and So-yeon, who used the washroom as their hideout hear humming in the empty washroom, and believe that a ghost exists inside. They discover a nametag in the washroom and suspect that Eun-hee is somehow linked to the mystery.
    Suffering from hallucination upon her inauguration, Eun-hee finds a ghastly figured girl in the washroom mirror and begins to believe that the girl was the one who brought her back to this school…


    2020DIRECTORSam CHOI GENREAction, Comedy
    CASTOH Ji-ho, SHIN so-yul

    Seong-joon, the heir of Tae-baek martial arts, leaves his life of seclusion in search of Jin-su, a senior member of his discipline. On the way, he meets Bo-mi, the love of his life and realizes martial arts is useless to live, renouncing the ways of the martial arts. Instead, he opens an acupuncture clinic using the knowledge accumulated from his training.
    But when his idyllic life is interrupted by threatening loan sharks and gangsters, Seong-joon returns to his roots to protect his family.


    2020DIRECTORCHAE Ki-jun GENRESports, Thriller
    CASTLEE Dae-han, KANG Ye-bin

    Once dreamed of becoming a professional billiards player, Sung-hoon is now doing a part time job for a living after losing a betting game with Mr. Yong. One day, his friend In-chul asks to form a team to gamble on billiards games again. The house notices their teamwork and decides to recruit them as their players.
    Falling in for Sung-hoon’s confidence and skilled plays, the house manager, Ms. Kim comes on to Sung-hoon but soon notices Sung-hoon's feelings for Seo-kyung, his old billiard partner. Ms. Kim decides to take revenge on Sung-hoon by cooperating with Sung-hoon’s old enemy, Mr. Kim. With a life at stake, Sung-hoon gets ready for the last betting game.

  • TEL +82-70-4266-2370
  • E-MAIL sales@little-big.co.kr
  • ADDRESS 6F, Shindong-Bldg, 150, Hannam-daero,Yongsan-gu, Seoul,Korea
LittleBig Pictures was founded in 2013 between 11 top film production companies hoping to lead the film industry toward a more reasonable and creative direction by establishing a more equal platform for production companies. LittleBig Pictures will continue to seek opportunities to invest and distribute in a diverse slate of projects that will lead the way for the future of the Korean film industry.
  • The Girl on a Bulldozer

    2021DIRECTORPARK Ri-woong GENREDrama
    CASTKIM Hye-yoon, PARK Hyuck-kwon, Yesung

    Hye-yeong turns out 20 soon. As one can see her tattoo on her arm, she doesn’t have a thing to scare. But the only problem is her father, Bon-jin. One day, he is found in the hospital. He allegedly assaulted someone, stole a car, and hit 2 innocent people. Because of that accident he also gets harmed and unconscious, police said. After that Hye-yeong gets several anonymous calls from the people who want to talk to her father. And a couple suddenly shows up at the father’s restaurant and they say they would take it over from Bon-jin. On top of that, Bon-jin’s condition gets rapidly worse and now is brain-dead.

  • My♡Puppy

    2021DIRECTORKIM Joo-hwan GENREDrama, Family
    CASTYOO Yeon-seok, CHA Tae-hyun

    What would you do if you have to let the one and only family member go?
    Minsu decides to marry the love of his life but the moment he proposes, the fiance reveals the truth that has been hidden from him. She is allergic to dog saliva and took medicines when she had to meet Minsu’s little brother Runie, the golden retriever. The happiest moment suddenly turns out to be the one that needs a life-changing decision.

  • Candlelight Revolution

    2020DIRECTORKIM Eui-sung, CHOO Chin-woo GENREDocumentary
    CASTSON Seok-hee, RHYU Si-min, SIM Sang-jeung

    In 2016, Korean President Park Geun Hye was impeached. In October of that year a series of candlelight protests gave birth to a movement. The outcry against corruption expanded at an incredible rate, while remaining unfailingly non-violent, eventually resulting in more than two million citizens taking to the streets to make their voices heard.

  • Young Adult Matters

    CASTLEE You-mi, AHN Hee-yeon, LEE Hwan, SHIN Haet-bit

    Saejin asks Jaepil, Shinji and Juyeong to help her terminate her pregnancy, since they ruined her first attempt by saving her. They decide to help Saejin find a way to terminate her pregnancy, but it's not easy. Do teenagers really have that little control over their own lives?

  • More than Family

    CASTJUNG Krystal, JANG Hye-jin, CHOI Duk-moon

    College student Toil, who is a five-month pregnant ahead of her marriage, goes to Daegu to find her biological dad, whom she has never seen since the age of seven. After returning to Seoul, Toil's mom, stepdad and biological dad join forces to find the groom-to-be who has been missing on the day of the meeting with bride-groom families.

company_moive Escape from Mogadishu
Lotte Entertainment
  • TEL +82 2 6277 5907
  • E-MAIL joonsik.eom@lotte.net, hwsuh@lotte.net
  • WEBSITE www.lotteent.com
  • ADDRESS 27th Fl., LOTTE World Tower 300, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, 05551, Korea
Lotte Entertainment is a fully-integrated leading entertainment company with operations in film investment, distribution, production, and international sales with over hundreds of films.
  • a still cut of the movie


    2021DIRECTORYOON Jong-seok GENRECrime, Mystery, Thriller
    CASTSO Ji-sub, KIM Yun-jin, NANA

    Min-ho’s adulterous lover Se-hee is murdered in a hotel where only the two of them were present, and Min-ho is immediately singled out as the prime suspect. Insisting on his innocence, Min-ho hires the talented lawyer Shin-ae to defend him, and confesses to her that a car accident on the day before may be connected to Se-hee’s murder…

  • a still cut of the movie

    Life is Beautiful

    2021DIRECTORCHOI Kook-hee GENREMusical Drama
    CASTRYU Seung-ryong, YUM Jung-ah, ONG Seong-wu

    Suddenly learning she is terminally ill, ‘Se-yeon’ asks her husband, ‘Jin-bong’, the absurd task of helping her find her first love, and he unwillingly joins her search. Along their journey, ‘Se-yeon’ and ‘Jin-bong’ are reminded of the most glittering, beautiful moments of their lives.

  • a still cut of the movie

    Escape from Mogadishu

    2021DIRECTORRYOO Seung-wan GENREAction, Drama
    CASTKIM Yoon-seuk, ZO In-sung, HUH Joon-ho

    Diplomats from the North and South Korean embassies in Somalia attempt a daring joint escape from Mogadishu when the outbreak of civil war leaves them stranded.

  • a still cut of the movie


    2020DIRECTORKIM Hyun-tak GENREDrama
    CASTKIM Hyang-gi, RYOO Hyoun-kyoung

    A heartbreaking yet heartwarming story of Ah-young, a grown orphan, becoming a babysitter for Young-chae, a single mother of a six-month-old baby.

  • a still cut of the movie

    Samjin Company English Class

    2020DIRECTORLEE Jong-pil GENREDrama, Comedy
    CASTKO A-sung, E Som, PARK Hye-su

    In mid ‘90s, 3 female high school-grad officer workers take up English classes together to get promotions and they team up to uncover corruption within their company.

company_moive Decibel
Megabox Plus M
메가박스 플러스엠
  • TEL +82-2-3017-3553
  • E-MAIL sales@megabox.co.kr
  • WEBSITE www.megaboxplusm.co.kr
  • ADDRESS 2F, 240, World Cup-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 03932, Rep. of Korea
Megabox Plus M is a leading entertainment company, encompassing development, production, financing, distribution and international sales of films, TV series, and short form series.
  • a still cut of the movie


    2021DIRECTORLEE Jung-jae GENREEspionage Action
    CASTLEE Jung-jae, JUNG Woo-sung

    Set in 1980’s, two special agents with the same deadly mission: Find a mole
    Agents of the Korean National Intelligence Service (KNIS), Pyung-ho (LEE Jung-jae) at Int’l Dept. and Jung-do (JUNG Woo-sung) at Domestic Dept. are both independently hunting a North Korean mole within the agency. During this investigation, they come face to face with an unbearable truth and yet must complete their own missions at all costs.

  • a still cut of the movie

    Bogota: City of the Lost

    2021DIRECTORKIM Seong-je GENRECrime Noir
    CASTSONG Joong-ki, LEE Hee-jun, KWON Hae-hyo

    To survive in the tough city, one needs to get tougher
    In the 1990s, 19-year-old Kook-hee (SONG Joong-ki) moves to Bogota with his family, wishing for a better life only to end up living from hand to mouth. Beginning at the bottom of the ladder, he goes through hell and high water and now dominates the black market of Bogota.

  • a still cut of the movie


    2021DIRECTORHwang In-ho GENREAction Drama
    CASTKIM Rae-won, LEE Jong-suk, JUNG Sang-hoon, CHA Eun-woo

    Don’t make a noise otherwise the bomb will go off
    Former lieutenant commander Do-yeong (KIM Rae-won) suffers from PTSD caused by the hellish submarine accident in which he lost his colleagues. Even though he is revered as a national hero, he feels guilty and tormented by his own family estrangement.
    One day, Do-yeong receives a cryptic phone call from a mysterious person, threatening he’ll blow up a football stadium with improvised explosives triggered by a certain decibel. In the nick of time, Do-yeong saves innocent lives but the terrorist remains intent on inflicting further casualties, including Do-yeong’s wife and daughter. Now he must race against the clock to track the terrorist down and save his family as well as other people. Amid this impossible task, the unforeseen consequences of a secret he left buried in the deep sea resurfaces.

  • a still cut of the movie

    Don't Buy the Seller

    2021DIRECTORPARK Hee-kon GENREThriller
    CASTSHIN Hae-sun, KIM Sung-kyun

    It all started with a second hand app
    Soo-hyun (SHIN Hae-sun), who has recently moved into a new house, buys a used washing machine through a second-hand app but finds out it doesn’t work. Annoyed by the seller’s irresponsibility, she leaves a comment calling the seller a con man, and reports it to the police. Little does she know that the seller is a psychopathic serial killer who uses an online second-hand market to lure his victims. Her comment renders his hunt for a new victim all but impossible so she becomes his next target. She starts receiving obscene phone calls, countless unwanted food deliveries, and strange men knocking on her door looking for a good time. A trip to the sender’s address proves deadly serious when the police and Soo-hyun find a woman’s dead body.

  • a still cut of the movie

    Urban Myths

    2021DIRECTORHONG Won-ki GENREHorror

    10 different urban tales featuring popular K-pop stars, such as SHOWNU (MONSTA X), LEE MINHYUK (BTOB), ARIN (OH MY GIRL), and many others, will take you into the realm of darkness where myth and reality become blurred.

M-Line Distribution
  • TEL +82 2 796 2427
  • E-MAIL sales@mline-distribution.com
  • WEBSITE www.mline-distribution.com
  • ADDRESS 3F Mido Bldg., Shinsadong 540-21, Gangnamgu, Seoul 06036 Korea
Launched in 2008, M-Line Distribution is an established world sales company in Korea.
It aims to bring latest titles to each new major market and introduce fine products to worldwide audiences.

    2020DIRECTORLEE Joon-ik GENREPeriod Drama
    CASTSUL Kyung-gu, BYUN Yo-han

    In 1801, after a new king ascended the throne, a scholar JEONG Yak-jeon who served the late king is exiled to Heuk-san Island. When he lands on the unknown island with fears, rather he is amazed by wonders of various sea creatures. There he meets Chang-dae, a young fisherman who is a huge admirer of Confucianism and has a wide knowledge about the sea. Fascinated by his knowledge, JEONG decides to write a book about the sea and asks Chang-dae to help him write the book, in exchange for helping Chang-dae’s study of Confucianism.


    2020DIRECTORPARK Ji-wan GENREDrama
    CASTKIM Hye-soo, ROH Jeong-eui, LEE Jeong-eun

    On a dark stormy night, a young witness to her father’s crime disappears on an island leaving her shoes on the cliff and her last will in her house. Due to the bad weather, a body has yet to be found. In the absence of the body, the case cannot be closed, but is simply dismissed as suicide. Detective Hyun-soo heads to the island to investigate the mysterious death of the girl.


    2020DIRECTORLEE Seung-won GENREDrama
    CASTMOON So-ri, KIM Sun-young, JANG Yoon-ju

    The three sisters are struggling with their own problems. Hee-sook, Mrs. Sorry, is neglected by her family. Mi-yeon, Mrs. Devout, witnesses her husband having an affair. And Mi-ok, Mrs. Hysteric, is just weird, always drunk and frustrated with life. The sisters are going to gather for their father’s birthday. What will happen? We will see when the day comes.


    CASTLIM Seong-mi, BAEK Seo-bin

    After a few months of social adjustment training, the North Korean refugee Jina moves to a small studio in Seoul and starts her new life. To bring her father to South Korea, she needs money but no matter how hard she works, the discrimination doesn't let her save enough money. One day the broker introduces her to a boxing gym cleaning job. Seeing young and confident female boxers, Jina feels something burning inside...


    2020DIRECTORPAK Ruslan GENREThriller

    USSR Kazakhstan. Sher Sadykhov, who lives with his older sister, starts his internship at a special task force. Sher’s internship begins with the emergence of a serial killer that only kills women. New victims occur and the investigation seems to be at a blind alley. Meanwhile, Sher finds out that his sister is the new target of the serial killer...


    CASTMOON So-ri, JANG Yoo-sang

    Young-in was brought back to life by his mother with the help of AI. However, the sweetness of seeing his son again didn't last so long. But soon, his mother realizes that the AI ‘deleted’ Young-in’s consciousness and has been pretending to be him. Moreover, at the court, the AI states that Young-in asked it to ‘kill’ him. Why did my son want to die again? Why did my son run into the guardrail with his car in the first place? And, who’s this guy standing in front of my eyes right now?


    CASTKIM Tae-hoon, LEE Hyo-je, KIM Hyun-jung, KIM Jong-goo, PARK Chae-eun

    High school teacher Gyeongseok agrees to look after his daughter Yunhui after his ex-wife Jihyeon is called away on sudden business. He brings Yunhui, who is reluctant to spend time with her father, with him to the school where he works. There, he leaves Yunhui alone in the car briefly, and when he returns she is gone. Yunhui is found after having been grievously injured in a car accident on a nearby road. The driver of the truck that hit her, Hyeongseop, indicates that Seik, one of Gyeongseok’s student, was the true cause of his daughter’s accident.


    CASTLEE You-young, YE Su-jeong

    TRS is a nursing robot customized for each patient: all the robots look just like each patients’ family member. Jung-in had hired it to take care of her mother who's been in coma for several years. However, her cubersome days are slowly strangling her. Seeing Jung-in suffering from depression puts her TRS in a dilemma because Jung-in is also registered in the caring service. The perfectly programmed machine starts to stumble.

Ocon Studios
  • TEL +82-31-8018-0854
  • E-MAIL sandyj1079@ocon.kr
  • WEBSITE www.oconstudios.com
  • ADDRESS A, 253, Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Korea's leading animation production company of feature films and TV animated series.
1. Production of “Movie series" : Pororo (once a year)
2. Production of “TV animated series.” : Dibo, the gift dragon, Toycop, Super Z
3. Sublicense Business Area : Acquisition and Distribution in Korea, Licensing and merchandising
  • Pororo 6 : Dragon Island Adventure

    2020DIRECTORSeunghoon Kang / Jewan Yoon GENREFantasy, Adventure, Drama, Family

    The Fantasy Adventure of Pororo and his Friends, fighting to get back the lost dragon castle.
    (Estimated Releasing December 2020)

  • Pororo 5 : Treasure Island Adenture

    2019DIRECTORHyunho Kim / Changsub Yoon GENREFamily, Adventure, Fantasy

    Pororo and his friends at the pirate restaurant accidentally take a treasure map of the legendary treasure and head to the treasure island. They meet a long-trapped pirate hero, Captain Silver, and solves the mystery of the treasure map with him.

    But they fall into danger because of the evil pirate Captain Black, who chased after them, and the monsters on the treasure island.
    Can Pororo and his friends come back safely in search of the treasures?

  • Pororo 4 : Dinosaure Island Adventure

    2019DIRECTORHyunho Kim / Jewan Yoon GENREFamily, Adventure, Fantasy

    One day, An egg-shaped airship has crashed in the Porong Porong Village!
    There was a little dinosaur named 'Alo'. Pororo and his friends took care of Alo and tried to fix his airship. Once they are done to fix it, the airship swallowed Alo and Crong and set off to Dinosaur island!
    Rescue mission of Pororo and his friends to save Alo and Crong has just started!

company_moive Emergency Declaration
  • TEL +82-2-3218-5649
  • E-MAIL sales@showbox.co.kr
  • WEBSITE www.showbox.co.kr/En/Main
  • ADDRESS 9F, 916bldg, 310, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06054, Korea
Showbox Corp, a part of the Orion Group, is a multi-integrated Korean motion picture studio. Established in 2002, Showbox has been one of the leading companies in Korean film investment and distribution.
Showbox is also focusing on production and international co-production as well as acquisition.
  • a still cut of the movie

    Emergency Declaration

    2021DIRECTORHAN Jae-rim GENREDisaster Thriller
    CASTSONG Kang-ho, LEE Byung-hun, JEON Do-yeon, KIM Nam-gil, YIM Si-wan, KIM So-jin, PARK Hae-joon

    Veteran chief police detective In-ho receives a tip about a man threatening a terrorist attack against a plane. While investigating, he discovers that the suspect has actually boarded flight no. KI501. Despite his phobia of flying, Jae-hyuk decides to go to Hawaii for the sake of his daughter`s health. At the airport, he is distracted by a strange man who hangs around, speaking to them in a menacing way. Flight no. KI501 departs Incheon Airport for Hawaii, but soon afterwards a man dies for mysterious reasons. Fear and chaos spread quickly, not only inside the plane, but also on land. Hearing this news, Transport Minister Sook-hee sets up a counterterrorism task force and calls an emergency meeting in order to find a way to land the airplane.

  • a still cut of the movie


    2021DIRECTORKIM Ji-hoon GENREDisaster Drama
    CASTCHA Seoung-won, KIM Sung-kyun, LEE Kwang-soo, KIM Hye-jun

    An average citizen Dong-won and his family move into a house bought after years of hard work. Filled with happiness, he invites his colleagues for a housewarming party, but the heavy rain during the night before creates a gigantic sinkhole, and in a mere minute, it swallows up the whole house and the people inside. Hundreds of meters down the hole, Dong-won, his neighbor Man-su, and the unfortunate guests must find their way out. Rain starts to pour down, filling the sinkhole with water, and they’re running out of time.

  • a still cut of the movie

    In Our Prime

    2021DIRECTORPARK Dong-hoon GENREDrama
    CASTCHOI Min-sik, KIM Dong-hwi

    Ji-woo, an outcast in a prestigious private high school, does not fit in due to different social backgrounds than his well-to-do classmates. One day, he meets Hak-sung, the school’s security guard who is actually a mathematical genius defected from North Korea, now living with his past shut away. Ji-woo asks Hak-sung to teach him math, and although reluctant at first, Hak-sung eventually agrees to. Finding each other in their most difficult times, Ji-woo and Hak-sung open up to one another during their special math lessons, but their friendship is at risk when Ji-woo is framed for an incident in school, and Hak-sung is faced with people prying on his past.

  • a still cut of the movie

    Our Season

    2021DIRECTORYOOK Sang-hyo GENREFantasy Drama
    CASTKIM Hae-sook, SHIN Min-a

    Bok-ja is granted a special vacation after her death, which allows her to go see her daughter, Jin-joo, a university professor living abroad. Unlike her expectation, Bok-ja finds Jin-joo living in her old house running a local diner and becomes frustrated with questions that she is unable to ask. After spending time alongside Jin-joo, Bok-ja realizes that her daughter is struggling with the unresolved feelings about her, and tries to find a way to show her sincere feelings that she had never shared before.

  • a still cut of the movie

    Yaksha: Ruthless Operations

    2021DIRECTORNA Hyun GENREAction Thriller
    CASTSUL Kyung-gu, PARK Hae-soo, Ikeuchi HIROYUKI, YANG Dong-keun, EL,
    SONG Jae-lim, PARK Jin-young, LEE Soo-kyung

    In Shenyang, China, a silent battlefield of spies as the center of Asia, Kang-in, the director of National Intelligence Service’s overseas branch, leads his Black Team with the best agents in carrying out covert missions. Kang-in is notorious for mercilessly taking any measure to get what he wants, earning himself the nickname “Yaksha,” a human-devouring spirit. One day, Ji-hoon arrives as a prosecutor to investigate Black Team, and even with their ignorance, he finds out that their real mission concerns a case that can shake up the whole continent. Soon enough, Kang-in needs to use all his sources, even Ji-hoon, to find his way deeper into the case.

  • a still cut of the movie

    Devils Stay

    2021DIRECTORHYUN Moon-seop GENREHorror Mystery
    CASTPARK Shin-yang, LEE Min-ki, LEE Re

    When Seung-do, a heart specialist, and his wife find their daughter So-mi showing strange symptoms by the day, they decide to attempt an exorcism ritual. Upon arrival, Priest Ban is sure there is the devil inside her, and the ritual seems to drive it out successfully, but ends in So-mi’s sudden death. As her funeral begins, Seung-do, who notices some strange signs in So-mi's body, confronts his conviction that she may not be dead yet, and her heart is still beating. No one believes him, especially Priest Ban, who strongly opposes him saying that it is by the menacing spirit inside her. During three days of So-mi’s funeral, they must each uncover the terrifying truth about the mystery, and prove who is right, to save her.

company_moive Accompany
Undersixty Corp.
  • TEL +82 51 704 7125
  • E-MAIL korea@under60.co.kr
  • WEBSITE www.under60.co.kr
  • ADDRESS 1008-go, 39, Centum seo-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busam, Republic of Korea
Undersixty is the largest distributor of Korean short films. From drama, romance, comedy, documentary, horror, thriller, animation to web drama series, more than 2,000 amazing Korean contents are on sale!
  • Accompany

    2019DIRECTORHaeseong JEONG GENREDrama
    CASTHaeseong JEONG, Jooha KANG

    [2020 Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival nominated]
    In a cold winter day, there is a man who’s being chased and threatened by a loan shark. He realizes that he must get out of debt even if it meant a crime had to be committed. He kidnaps a child. He calls the mother to ask for ransom, but the number doesn’t exist. How unfortunate that what he had in his hands, was not just a child, but an abandoned one.
    They both weren’t in a good place in there lives, and the man has no idea what’s he supposed to do with the baby.

  • Joan

    2019DIRECTORJungsoo YOO, Jisan KIM GENREMystery, Horror
    CASTInyoung JOO

    [2019 Busan International Film Festival invited]
    Joan broke with his boyfriend and then downloaded the dating app. By the recommendation of the application, it is matched with the stable man who is the opposite of the ex-boyfriend, and the lonely Joan meets him. The blind date progresses smoothly. However, she seems more and more frightened of the man who seems to know so much about her...

  • Morae (Sand)

    2019DIRECTORKyungrae KIM GENREMelodrama
    CASTJames CHUNG, Hanna JO

    [2019 Venice Film Festival nominated]
    Sungming leaves on a trip to Gangwon Geojin with Mirae.
    The story of the two nobody knows…One day the broker introduces her to a boxing gym cleaning job. Seeing young and confident female boxers, Jina feels something burning inside...

  • 99's

    2019DIRECTORHongrae LEE GENREDrama
    CASTHwayoung WANG, Jooyoung LEE

    [2020 Hong Kong International Film Festival nominated]
    Yongji calls a relief driver and awaits. From the corner of an alley, a female in her 40s, Sumi wearing a smile appears. Yongji a high school student is very young and while on the road she asks the driver to lend her some money.
    The driver assumes she won’t get paid and she asks the girl who’s the car it is, and the kid claims it’s her parents and that she’s only running an errand to take it to the junkyard. Sumi says that she could have called a tow car. Yongji says she had no idea and only asks her to take her to her destination.

  • Bye, Circle

    2020DIRECTORTaeyoung KIM GENREDrama, Fantasy
    CASTHyungsuk JUNG, Eric Sebastian Taylor

    [2020 USA Film Festival invited]
    Here is a man who draws the narrowest and shabby circle in the world and lives in it with himself locked up. One day, an unexpected guest comes to him. A little boy who keeps knocking on a man's circle. The only person in the world who talks to the man. Will he be able to escape from his own prison-like circle?

  • A Night Guest

    2019DIRECTORGunho Kim GENREexperimental, short film
    CASTShoe repairer - Hojun Kim prostitute - Juhyun Shin

    A story of a shoe repair shop owner with foot fetish
    A man is repairing a shoe alone at the shop when his phone rang. And right after, a very well dressed woman steps in. And the man seems nervous.

  • Daughter's Table

    2018DIRECTORHeui Song Son GENREMusical, Fantasy, short film
    CASTMom- Kim Na Yoon, Suyeon - Shin Ui Jung, Jiyeon - Hong Ji Hee, Soyeon- Kim Ji Hye

    A musical short film about three sisters that cook a delicious meal for their terminally ill mother. "Daughter's Table" follows three adult sisters as they rush to their mother's side after receiving news of her ill health. While together, they find themselves falling prone to the same sibling rivalry that characterized their upbringing.

  • Ecce Homo, Behold The Man

    2019DIRECTORMyungwoo Hyun GENREthriller, mystery
    CASTStreamer - Junghyun Lee / Girl - Taeju An

    ‘BJ Boiji’ works by sharing provocative videos as the contents of hidden cameras. Through this action, he feels like he reigns as the absolute and is absorbed in an ignorant madness, but he does not know that he is also seen by any one.

  • Floating Deep Down Summer

    2019DIRECTORHyelin Cho GENRELGBTQ, romance
    CASTHyeri Jung- Sunoo Lim / Juhyun- Soyeong Lee

    Photographer Hyeri receives a wedding invitation from her old friend/ex lover. Hyeri is not sure whether she will go or not. Curator Juhyun is very comfortable about her sexuality and confident. Hyeri, who thinks, she is not honest to herself, falls into Juhyun slowly.

  • Sui

    2019DIRECTORJiyeon Lee GENRELGBTQ, romance, teen
    CASTSui Han-Seonmin Lee/ Jaewon Lee-Solah Lee/ Sui's mother-Hyokyung Min/ Ji soo Jung-Jiyoung Jung/ Sebin Kim-Bomin Kim/ Jooyoung Lee-Jinyoung Jung

    Sui and Jae-won are same high school class couple. Then, on Jae-won's birthday, Sui worried about don't hear from Jae-won.

  • Unlawful Love

    2012DIRECTORKIM Junsung GENREdrama, romance
    CASTMr. Kim - Gu Shin / Ms. Lee - Ji-young Kim

    To black hair to white hair, to live with till die but sometimes some people can't reach it.
    The unlimited time makes more hurt in daily life in their lives.

  • Where to Go

    2018DIRECTORJeong-gil HAN GENRELGBTQ, romance
    CASTGi Hyeok-Sungil JEON), Sang U-Donghwi KIM), Sang Il- Beomjun KIM)

    Ki-hyeok, moves to a new place to overcome his broken heart. There are no people like himself and no jobs are even available. One day, he meets Sangwoo in an application, who caught a cold. He fears that Sang-woo will leave him

company_moive Finding Angel
CMNIX co., Ltd.
주식회사 씨엠닉스
  • TEL +82 2 2058 0683
  • E-MAIL cmpictures@hanmail.net
  • WEBSITE www.cmpictures.co.kr
  • ADDRESS 2nd floor, Hanyang Bldg, 59-1 Gangnam-daero 6-gil, Seocho-gu Seoul, Republic of Korea
CMNIX is Korean film production/distribution/international sales company. And we shooting support for the international co-production
  • a still cut of the movie

    Finding Angel

    2017DIRECTORSeong-Joon Kim GENREDrama
    CASTSeong-il Park, Yeong-A Lee

    For the 17th year, the phone rings at the Nosong-dong office every December around Christmas. A faceless angel who disappears by leaving a message saying, "Use it for the needy" and the location of the donation box. This year, elderly people living alone in Nosong-dong will wait for the warm-hearted angel, expressing their gratitude for the faceless angel. Then one day, Ji-hoon, a writer, appears in Nosong-dong who wants to write about an angel without a face. Ji-hoon helps the elderly living alone and begins to observe the residents, and he is convinced that the "faceless angel" is one of the villagers. The secret and faceless angel that Ji Hoon has, the residents of Cheonji, who runs the junk shop, and the residents of Nosong-dong surrounding him!

  • a still cut of the movie


    2019DIRECTORBong-Su Ko GENREComedy
    CASTSeung-Hwan Baek, Jin-ju Lee

    Seung-hwan, who works as a manager of entertainer Min-jae, falls in love with Jinju at a restaurant by chance while suffering from the temptation of cigarettes due to work stress. However, Jinju has a blind date with the introduction of a friend, and the blind date guy makes a strange suggestion to Jinju.

  • a still cut of the movie

    Oh My God!

    2020DIRECTORJin-Wook Choi GENREComedy, Drama
    CASTJin-Wook Choi, Yeong-Seon Kim

    Ha-young, who grew up in a devout Christian family and a pastor mother, and Jin-wook, son of the lineage of the head family, a deep-rooted family. Religion is different, but they have been dating for two long years, and now they want to marriage.
    In order to do so, they must overcome the big match that they have known but pretended not to know.
    It is the parents of both families.
    Jin-wook's father, who always calls for "Haeju Choi is deep-rooted familly" whenever he opens his mouth, and Ha-young's mother, who calls for "Hallelujah" whenever she has time.
    Ha-young and Jin-wook fail to tell their religion to the other’s parents, who have a clear religion and personality.
    Ha-young, a native believer, bowed to Jin-wook's ancestors.
    Jinwook, the eldest son of deep-rooted family, will volunteer at a church in Hayoung.

company_moive The Nut job
Redrover Co., Ltd
  • TEL +82 2 2156 0146
  • E-MAIL leina@redrover.co.kr - USA / miralee@redrover.co.kr - CHINA
  • WEBSITE http://www.redrover.co.kr/en/home_en
  • ADDRESS RedRover, Fine Bld. 4F, 20 Seocho-daero 41-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea 06595
We’re a fully integrated global media company that produces content for film, television, and digital platforms, as well as immersive experiences and exhibitions.
  • a still cut of the movie

    The Nut job

    2014DIRECTORPeter Lepeniotis GENRE3D Animation
    CAST Will Arnett, Brendan Fraser, Liam Neeson, Katherine Heigl

    In a city park, Surly the Squirrel has finally gone too far with his latest caper . Now exiled, Surly and his rat buddy Buddy's collective nightmare on the streets ends when they discover a nut store to raid. With no other options, she arranges a deal to help in Surly's heist for the colony, even while Surly fully intends to betray it. However, there is more going on with the nut store being a front for bank robbers while Raccoon has his own agenda to ensure his own power. In the mayhem to come, Surly finds himself challenged in ways he never expected and discovering the real prize to treasure in this adventure.

  • a still cut of the movie

    Spark: A Space Tail

    2016DIRECTORAaron Woodley GENRE3D Animation
    CAST Jace Norman, Jessica Biel, Patrick Stewart, Hilary Swank, Susan Sarandon

    Thirteen years ago, the power-mad General Zhong seized control of Planet Bana and tore it to pieces in the process. Now splintered into hundreds of shards, Zhong is Bana's evil-overlord, ruling with an iron fist. Enter Spark, a teenage monkey and his friends, Vix, a battle-ready fox, and Chunk, a tech-savvy pig. Spark learns of Zhong's secret plan to take over the universe by capturing a giant space monster known as the Kraken, a beast that has the power to create black holes. If Zhong manages to harness the Kraken's power, he'll have history's deadliest weapon at his fingertips, and it's up to Spark and his friends to stop him. Spark's journey takes him to the farthest reaches of the universe, where he encounters great dangers and discovers the secret of his true identity. An action-packed space adventure full of humor and heart, this movie is the story of a boy who takes on great responsibility and in the process discovers his rightful place in the universe.

  • a still cut of the movie

    The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature

    2017DIRECTORCal Brunker GENRE3D Animation
    CAST Will Arnett, Maya Rudolph, Bobby Cannavale

    Surly and his friends, Buddy, Andie, and Precious, discover that the mayor of Oakton City is cracking one big hustle to build a giant amusement park, which in turn will bulldoze their home. The animals must stop the mayor, his daughter, and a mad animal control officer in order to take back the city park.

company_moive My Sassy Girl
Hive Filmworks Inc.
  • TEL +82 2 6281 8888
  • E-MAIL sales@burzip.com
  • ADDRESS D-313, H-Business Park, Beobwon-ro 9-gil 26, Songpa-gu, Seoul, 05836, Korea
Hive Filmworks is a company specializing in IP management and international sales, international co-production and financing.
Hive, with solid worldwide partnership with its faithful partners, is accelerating on expanding its field of business.
  • a still cut of the movie

    My Sassy Girl

    2001DIRECTORJae-yong KWAK GENRERomace, Comedy
    CAST Gianna JUN Ji-hyun, CHA Tae-hyun

    A college student Gyun-woo is interested in picking up girls.
    One day, a drunken girl in subway changes his fate. She’s nearly un-conscious, vomiting on an old guy.
    She, then, leans on Gyun-woo, everybody assumes her as his girlfriend!
    Gyun-woo finds himself in a relationship that he didn't ask for, but soon after, becomes unable to forget this sassy girl.

  • a still cut of the movie

    The Gingko Bed

    1994DIRECTORJe-Kyu KANG GENREFantasy, Action, Romantic Thriller CAST Seok-Gyu HAN, Hee-Kyung JIN, Hyun-Jun SHIN, Hye-Jin SHIM

    Soohyun and Midan were lovers in the previous life, thousand years back.
    In present time, by destiny, they reunite as Soohyun picks up an abandoned gingko bed from the road.
    But the General Hwang, who has loved Midan for thousand years, dreadfully chases them and threats their love.
    To save Soohyun, Midan fires the bed, locking herself inside, and general Hwang leaps into the bed to follow Midan. (Remake Sales)

  • a still cut of the movie

    The Letter

    1997DIRECTORJeong-Kuk LEE GENREDrama, Romance
    CAST Shin-Yang PARK, Jin-Shil CHOI

    A sad but romantic story that tugs at your heartstrings.
    Jung-in and Hwan-yu bump into each other at the railroad station by chance, by destiny.
    Getting close to each other, they hold the wedding at the botanic garden promising for the love of their life.
    Unfortunately, during the happy marriage life, Hwan-yu gets brain tumors and Jung-in deeply despairs on her husband’s death.
    But, one day, Jung-in starts receiving letters from Hwan-yu… (Remake Sales)

  • a still cut of the movie

    The Fox with Nine Tails

    1994DIRECTORHeon-Su PARK GENREFantasy, Romance
    CAST Woo-Sung JUNG, So-Young KO

    Hara is the fox with nine tails, Gumiho, who has to eat men’s spirits to become a human.
    One day, she rescues Hyuk and decides to make him as her last victim.
    But soon, she genuinely falls in love with him, and fights with the angel of death.
    With her wound, she chooses save her lover Hyuk and decides to sacrifice herself. (Remake Sales)

  • a still cut of the movie


    1999DIRECTORSun-Woo JANG GENREDrama, Romance
    CAST Sang-Hyun LEE, Tae-Yeon KIM

    38-years-old, a well known sculptor, J meets Y, a high school student.
    They have an affair, and their relationship turns into physical violence. Soon, they are addicted to the violence, but their secret joy ends.
    Later, Y comes to see J before leaving and remains the scar on him. Then his lies begins.
    <Venice Film Festival> Golden Lion nominee(1999)

company_moive KKUM
Korea Independent Animation Filmmakers Association
  • TEL +82 2 313 1030
  • E-MAIL kaniseed@kiafa.org
  • WEBSITE www.kiafa.org
  • ADDRESS 4F, 276, Donggyo-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 03981 Korea
AniSEED which specializes in the distribution of Independent Animations is operated by Korean Independent Animation Filmmakers Association (KIAFA). The naming of ‘SEED’ comes from its aim to implant infinite possibility and vitality in the field of independent animation. AniSEED will focus on providing various screening opportunities and also preserving the film.
  • a still cut of the movie


    2021DIRECTORJEON Seung-bae GENREAnimation
    CASTKIM Ha-gyeom

    Battery Dad, who works on children's toys, door locks, and remote controls, one day goes on a trip to the valley with Dong-gu's family. Sudden heavy rain begins to fall while having a good time in the valley.

  • a still cut of the movie

    A Sip of Water

    2021DIRECTORCHO Hyuna GENREAnimation
    CASTCHUNG Yujoung

    The shamans are considered in Korean society that they are extraordinary as they bridge the gap between the gods and humans with their psychic talents.
    The shamans are not situated in both sides. They are not ordinary people as well as they are not gods. They usually feel lonely and confused at the same time because they feel distance from both the spirits and ordinary people.

  • a still cut of the movie

    Carnivorous Bean Sprout

    2021DIRECTORseO GENREAnimation

    A black comedy about an unidentifiable strange creature that will satisfy the desires of those who seek fear for sheer pleasure.

  • a still cut of the movie


    2021DIRECTORCHA Jae-hyeon, HWANG Byeong-hyeon GENREAnimation
    CASTKevin, Eric Mundt

    Will, a boy who wants to become an inventor, loves to invent various toys for his old dog named Norman.
    One day, while introducing his new toys to Norman, he finds out that dogs are color blind.
    A science-lover boy decides to invent special glasses to present colors to his dog.

  • a still cut of the movie

    Art of War

    2020DIRECTORAlfred Imageworks Company GENREAnimation

    A farcical military of a valiant general, timid soldier, and a selfish military dog.