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LEE Jung-jin, KANG Ye-won and KIM Tae-hun on Board with TRICK

Nov 30, 2015
  • Writer by SONG Soon-jin
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Production Begins on December 7th, to Be Released in the First Half of 2016

A suspense drama Trick is on board with LEE Jung-jin, KANG Ye-won and KIM Tae-hun, and begins production on December 7th. 
Trick depicts how a former star TV producer Seok-jin (LEE Jung-jin) manipulates a documentary to rise back to the throne. Seok-jin lost his job at an investigative news show for making a wrong news report. He has finally returned to his place in several years but with a price. He is to make a documentary featuring a terminally ill patient Do-joon (KIM Tae-hun) and his wife Young-ae (KANG Ye-won), and get a high viewer rating. The documentary hits a record high viewer rating as soon as it begins, but he is put in trouble again when Do-joon refuses further shooting as he gets sicker. Finally Seok-jin offers Young-ae to shoot him at deathbed.
Trick is directed by LEE Chang-yeol of The Man Who Plays the Piano, a short made in 2013, and features LEE Jung-jin of Spirit Of Jeet Keun Do - Once Upon A Time In High School (2004) and Mapado: Island of Fortunes (2005), KIM Tae-hun of The Man From Nowhere (2010), Gyeong-ju (2014), and Roaring Currents (2014), and KANG Ye-won of Quick (2011) and Love Clinic (2014).
LEE Jung-jin is finally back to screen after KIM Ki-duk's Pieta (2012). KANG is mostly known for her comic acting but this time she is going for a new genre and character. She is also aiming to expand her acting ability with LEE Cheol-ha's Come See Me, a mystery thriller.
Trick is produced by a first time producer LCO Pictures and distributed by Storm Pictures Korea which also distributed Nightcrawler (2014), What We Did on Our Holiday (2014), and Black Hand (2015). Trick is to be released in the first half of 2016.
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