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Black Hand (2015)
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  • Black Hand
Jeong-Wu (Kim Seong-Su) is a neurosurgeon and is under the spotlight for developing a bioengineering discovery for the first time in the world. He has an ongoing relationship with his colleague Yu-gyeong (Han Go-Eun), who stands by him and consoles him whenever he becomes exhausted from the endless, repetitive research. Yu-gyeong has a mysterious accident one day and her hand is cut off, which can be fatal as doctor. Thanks to Jeong-wu's quick thinking, her hand is reattached...more
Genre Horror Production Status Released
Running Time 95min Release Date Apr 16, 2015
Country South Korea Rating 19
Language Co-Production N
Box Office
  • Number of Screens : 178
  • Total Admissions : 11,650
  • Total Gross : $65,226
As of Jul 12, 2024
Contact Point
  • Golden Tide Pictures | guniyang@hanmail.net
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Director & Producer
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