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We Must Go To Apgujung-Dong On Windy Days (1993)
< Ba-ram-bu-neun Nal-i-myeon Ap-gu-jeong-dong-e Ga-ya Han-da >
  • We Must Go To Apgujung-Dong On Windy Days
Apgujung-dong with its foreign cars, instant love, modern fashion and hairstyles is a symbol of Korea's fast changing society. In this world, the only way to belong is to do everything the Jones do. In this dead poet's society, there comes Young-hoon, a future Woody Allen dreaming of a Cinema Paradise. His only means of survival is his string of poetry and his only weapon is his 8mm camera. He sees Hye-jin in her red convertible and it is love at first sight. Young-hoon is wi...more
Genre Romance, Drama Production Status Released
Running Time 110min Release Date Jan 22, 1993
Country South Korea Rating
Language Korean Co-Production N
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