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The Housemaid (1960)
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  • The Housemaid
A music teacher at a textile factory, Dong-sik, becomes interested in a series of murders in Geum-cheon. One day, a woman worker at the factory, Gwak Seon-yeong, gives Dong-sik a love letter. When he tells this to the factory's dormitory supervisor, Seon-yeong quits her job at the factory. On the hand, the friend who encouraged Seon-yeong to write the letter, Jo Gyeong-hui, starts to come in and out of his house due to piano lessons. When Dong-sik's wife becomes weak after ex...more
Genre Romance, Thriller Production Status Released
Running Time 111min Release Date Nov 03, 1960
Country South Korea Rating 15
Language Korean Co-Production N
Box Office
  • Number of Screens : 17
  • Total Admissions : 10,559
  • Total Gross : $30,864
As of Jul 18, 2024
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  • World Cinema Foundation | Cecilia.Cenciarelli@comune.bologna.it
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