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CAPTAIN MARVEL Brings an End to Hollywood Dry Spell

Mar 12, 2019
  • Writer by Pierce Conran
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Local Holdovers Shrink as New Superhero Invades Theaters

After months of local dominance Hollywood finally found a way to break through the ranks with Marvel’s latest tentpole Captain Marvel. Admissions were up 25% to 2.74 million while Hollywood controlled the charts with an 84% market share.

Following a long dry spell for Hollywood, Captain Marvel rode in on a wave of anticipation and scored a large 2.26 million viewers (USD 18.09 million) weekend, with 3.03 million entries (USD 23.95 million) recorded since its Wednesday debut, despite a ‘rating terror’ campaign which saw anti-feminist portal site users deliberately try to lower the film’s online ratings. The first female-led Marvel entry should drum up more business in the coming weeks, even as local competition intensifies.

Dropping 78% (most holdovers dropped around 80% over the frame) in its second weekend was the March 1 Independence Day drama A Resistance. The film added another 131,000 sales (USD 989,000) to bring its total to a respectable 1.04 million spectators (USD 7.4 million).

SVAHA : THE SIXTH FINGER was down to 91,000 entries (USD 731,000), raising its total to 2.34 million admissions (USD 17.19 million) after almost three weeks in theaters.

After filling another 88,000 seats (USD 680,000), the legal drama Innocent Witness has now welcomed 2.45 million visitors (USD 17.49 million)

The local phenomenon Extreme Job sold another 72,000 tickets (USD 571,000) to push its gargantuan total to 16.18 million admissions (USD 122.37 million).

Challenging Captain Marvel’s dominance this coming weekend will be a pair of local thrillers, the stockbroker scam drama Money with RYU Jun-yeol and YOO Ji-tae and the dark politically themed thriller Idol with SUL Kyung-gu, HAN Suk-kyu and CHUN Woo-hee.
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