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RAMPANT Bites Down on First Place

Oct 31, 2018
  • Writer by Pierce Conran
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Period Zombie Thriller Wins Halloween Weekend

The local industry reclaimed the market advantage as a new big-budget genre film swept away the competition during its opening weekend. Sales jumped up by a third to 1.62 million admissions, with Korean films accounting for 70% of that total.

After claiming last year the Lunar New Year box office crown, superstar HYUN Bin and director KIM Sung-hoon are back on top of the charts with their latest big-budget collaboration Rampant. Distributed by Next Entertainment World (N.E.W.), the period zombie action-thriller easily debuted in first place with 841,000 entries (USD 6.54 million), accounting for just over half of all ticket sales. The film has scored just over one million admissions (USD 7.71 million) after four days in theaters.

Holding in second place after a 48% drop was the local investigative drama Dark Figure of Crime, as it added another 161,000 ticket sales (USD 1.26 million) to bring its total to an impressive 3.7 million viewers (USD 28.27 million) to date.

Up one spot after slipping just 32% was the local indie drama sensation Miss Baek. With 97,000 new sales (USD 747,00) over the weekend, the film has now reached 641,000 spectators (USD 4.78 million).

Down one spot and 60% was Sony’s Marvel entry Venom, with 96,000 entries (USD 739,000). After almost three weeks in theaters the film has brought in just over 3.85 million viewers (USD 29.62 million).

Crashing 73% and four spots was last week’s chart-topper First Man. After soaring to lofty heights with Whiplash and La La Land, director Damien CHAZELLE hasn’t found the same level of success in Korea with his space drama, which added 95,000 entries (USD 800,000) to bring its total to a lackluster 630,000 admissions (USD 5.08 million) to date.

This coming weekend will see the Freddy Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody and the local comedy-drama Intimate Strangers, a remake of the 2016 Italian film Perfect Strangers, go head to head as they each try to claim first place from Rampant.
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