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ALONG WITH THE GODS Threatens to Rewrite Record Books

Dec 26, 2017
  • Writer by Pierce Conran
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STEEL RAIN Slides to 2nd while STAR WARS Drop Out of Top 5

Admissions shot up almost 80% in the weekend before Christmas, which welcomed a new local blockbuster attempting to rewrite the record books. Out of the gargantuan 4.42 million tickets sold 
(a figure generally only seen in late July or early August), 81% were for local films.

Opening with 2.73 million viewers (USD 20.99 million) over the weekend, Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds successfully converted curiosity into major sales, which included a 1.27 million admissions (USD 9.78 million) Sunday, the second largest single day of all time behind TRAIN TO BUSAN’s first Saturday (1.28 million viewers) last year. Over five days, the first installment in the two-part fantasy epic amassed 3.55 million entries (USD 26.63 million), far outstripping any other films releasing in December in the past. From Mr. Go (2013) director KIM Yong-hwa, the film stars CHA Tae-hyun, HA Jung-woo, JU Ji-hoon and KIM Hyang-gi.

North Korea action-drama Steel Rain couldn’t quite weather the competition as it slid 44% in its sophomore frame, though with another 779,000 sales (USD 6.02 million) banked, the film has to date recorded a very healthy 3.13 million admissions (USD 23.24 million). 

Opening in third place was the Hollywood holiday title The Greatest Showman, which debuted with 303,000 entries (USD 2.39 million) and 392,000 admissions (USD 3.01 million) since Wednesday. Behind it was the latest Pocket Monsters the Movie: I Choose You! with 173,000 viewers (USD 1.22 million) and 189,000 spectators (USD 1.32 million) over four days, while English-language German animation Monster Family was close behind with a 135,000 ticket (USD 939,000) three-day and 151,000 entry (USD 1.04 million) four-day.

Down four spots and 79% after its disappointing debut was Star Wars: The Last Jedi with another 109,000 sales (USD 1.01 million), giving it 874,000 admissions (USD 7.21 million) to date. At this rate, the film’s final tally may fall below that of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story last year.

With Christmas falling on Monday and New Year’s Day coming up, business should be brisk over the coming days as Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds and Steel Rain continue to draw in major crowds. Wednesday will see the release of political drama 1987: When the Day Comes, which won’t open anywhere near the same levels as the current chart-topper but may pose a major threat over the coming weeks.
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