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Korean Film News

KIM Min-hee and KIM Tae-ri Confirmed for FINGERSMITH

Dec 10, 2014
  • Writerby June Kim
  • View10618
PARK Chan-wook’s New Film to Have Revealing Scenes

KIM Min-hee, KIM Tae-ri and CHO Jin-woong have signed on for Fingersmith, following the recent announcement of HA Jung-woo’s confirmation for the latest PARK Chan-wook film.
KIM Min-hee, who has delivered strong performances through Helpless (2012) and Very Ordinary Couple, will take her acting career to the next level with a daring role in Fingersmith. Playing the main character, KIM will be an heiress who inherits a large fortune, but gets caught in a fraud by a nobleman (HA Jung-woo) who teams up with a pickpocket (KIM Tae-ri) to steal her inheritance. The two main actresses, KIM Min-hee and Kim Tae-ri, will have a romantic relation in the film, and how their chemistry will be on-screen has already drawn the curiosity of a lot of netizens due to the rare representation of same sex romance in Korea.
New face KIM Tae-ri went through a rigorous casting process where she was picked amongst 1500 applicants. She has just started her career through modeling in TV commercials, and this will be her first film. According to the posting for the casting call, there are daring nude scenes involved and fans can expect more bold sequences from PARK following KANG Hye-jung in Oldboy (2003) and SONG Kang-ho in Thirst (2009).
Based on the original novel by Sarah Waters of the same name, PARK is adapting the story to become his own by changing the setting to 1930s Korea and Japan instead of the Victorian period in Great Britain. All the while working on Fingersmith, PARK is also preparing for the Hollywood film Second Born.
Fingersmith is produced by PARK’s Moho Film and producer LIM Seung-yong’s Yong Film Inc. and will start shooting next year January.
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