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Decision to Leave Won Best Picture at the 58th Grand Bell Awards

Dec 12, 2022
  • Writer by Park Hyejin
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Park Haeil & Yum Jungah Won Best Actor & Actress, Ahn Sungki Won the Lifetime Achievement Award



The 58th Grand Bell Awards was held in Seoul on the afternoon on December 9. Director Park Chanwook's Decision to Leave was honored with the Best Picture Award. At the awards ceremony, Decision to Leave, The Roundup, and Life is Beautiful won 3 awards, respectively, while Hansan: Rising Dragon, Perhaps Love, and The Girl on a Bulldozer won 2 awards, respectively.


Director Park Chanwook, who couldn’t attend the film festival due to filming overseas, said, "I feel like I'm receiving a big gift at the end of the year. It is the first Grand Bell Award with its full scale after a long time, so I think it will remain an honorable and unforgettable memory for me. The faces of the two actors, Park Haeil and Tang Wei, come to mind first of all, and I miss many other actors and staff members who worked with me. "I want to attribute this honor to them." 


Director Byun Sunghyun of Kingmaker won Best Director, Actor Park Haeil of Decision to Leave won Best Actor, and Yum Jungah of Life is Beautiful won Best Actress. Actor Park Haeil, who once won the 48th Best Actor Award for War of the Arrows, said, "It's an honor for me to receive this award again after a long time. I would like to thank the director, the screenwriter, the actors who worked together, and the staff members who added dignity to the movie. I also thank the filmmakers who have been having a hard time this year and the audience who love Korean movies so much. I hope Korean movies can be loved more next year.”


Byun Yohan of Hansan: Rising Dragon won Best Supporting Actor, and Lim Yoon-a of Confidential Assignment 2: International won Best Supporting Actress. Kim Hyeyoon of The Girl on a Bulldozer won Best New Actress, Moo Jinsung of Perhaps Love won Best New Actor, and Park Yiwoong of The Girl on a Bulldozer won Best New Director. 


Also, Actor Ahn Sungki won the Life Achievement Award. The actor, who is currently fighting against hematologic malignancy said, "I've been living as a movie star for a long time and forgot about my age because I thought I would never get old, but now I realize that nobody can stop time and age. Everyone is worried about my health condition so much, and I’m getting better. I will see you with a new movie," in a video.  

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