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The Distributors, Confirmed Simultaneous Release on November 23 in North America

Nov 28, 2022
  • Writer by Park Hyejin
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The film, The Distributors, will continue its global move by confirming its release in North America at the same time.



The film, The Distributors, which was released on November 23, confirmed its release in North America. Starting with the release of some parts in LA County, active release discussions are also taking place in parts of Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Indonesia, and Myanmar. It also plans to push for full-scale overseas release.


The Distributors is a crime-tracking thriller about how video clips taken randomly by people can lead to human destruction in a modern society that cannot be free from cell phones. It depicts the ugly side of digital sex crimes that should never happen again and contains a strong message of warning to ‘the distributors’ who will exist somewhere. In addition, a fresh ensemble will be presented with Chungmuro's rising stars such as Park Sunghun, Kim Soeun, etc. 


Director Hong Seokku said, "Looking at various incidents in the digitized society, such as the Nth Room case and the Burning Sun incident, I confirmed that these are not temporary incidents that disappear at once, and I thought we needed to think about them with fundamental questions. I would appreciate it if you can focus on the fact that the story that the main character actually experiences in the movie is a story that all of us can experience," explaining his intention of planning the film. 


The Distributors was released in Korea on November 23 and is showing in theaters enjoying enormous popular acclaim. 

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