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Missing Yoon & DROWN of KAFA, Invited to the Competition at the Jeonju IFF

Apr 18, 2022
  • Writer by Hellen Park
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Following Aloners, 2 Years in a Row



The graduation films of the Feature Film Programs at the Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA) have been invited to the international film festivals one after another. The 14th graduation films of KAFA, Missing Yoon and DROWN have officially been invited to the competition for Korean feature films at the Jeonju IFF 2022.


Director Kim Jinhwa's Missing Yoon is a road movie about an unknown singer and her daughter looking for Yoon Sinae, a missing legendary singer. The film pleasantly tells the story of an imitation singer and mother making a living by impersonating the famous singer Yoon Sinae and her daughter making YouTube content, who find their true identities through the journey of finding ‘Real Yoon Sinae.’ 


Director Lim Sangsoo's DROWN is a psycho-thriller depicting the disappearance of a mother with Alzheimer's disease. The son, running a small motel while taking care of his sick mother, suffers from nightmares after his mother suddenly disappeared. Then one day, a suspicious young man visits the motel. The movie tells a hidden story between the son who must find his mother and the suspicious young man. DROWN was invited to the Harbour Section at the 51st Rotterdam Film Festival and will be introduced to Korean audiences for the first time through the Jeonju International Film Festival


Cho Geunsik, Director of KAFA, said, "I'm happy to present the films to the competition section of the Jeonju IFF for the second consecutive year following Aloners last year." Director Hong Sungeun's Aloners (2021) is the 13th graduation work of the Feature Film Programs at KAFA and has received great acclaim at the world-famous film festivals, winning the Grand Prize at the 17th Osaka Asian Film Festival, the Best New Director at the 43rd Cairo International Film Festival, the Jury Prize at the 28th Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinemas, the Best Actress at the 39th Torino Film Festival, etc. Director Cho Geunsik said, "KAFA will continue to strive to cultivate the best human resources in the film industry as a representative film school in Korea." KAFA has been running the Feature Film Program since 2007 to educate the production of feature films, presenting films by unique and original new directors every year. 


Missing Yoon and DROWN of KAFA will meet the Korean audience for the first time at the 23rd Jeonju IFF, which will be held from April 28 to May 7. 

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