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The Global Project between Korea & France, Vanishing Released

Mar 29, 2022
  • Writer by Hellen Park
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Director Denis Dercourt, “Korea is already a world-class film country.”



Vanishing was released in Korea on March 30. The film became the talk of the town due to the meeting between Korean actor Yoo Yeonseok and Hollywood star Olga Kurylenko.


Vanishing is a mystery thriller that explores the murder of a woman found dead in Korea. Olga Kurylenko plays a French forensic scientist who attends a symposium in Seoul and investigates the murder case with a Korean detective Yoo Yeonseok plays. Vanishing is a French film invested and distributed by Canal Plus, a French film company, but it cast a large number of Korean actors and was filmed 100% in Korea. 


Denis Dercourt, Director of Vanishing, said, "This global project in which Korean actors, Olga Kurylenko who has been active in Hollywood, and the Hollywood staff worked together was a very impressive experience. It was decided to film in Korea from the beginning, and the producers suggested working with Korean actors, and I said yes right away. Korea is already a world-class film country, and the world-famous cineastes want to work with Korea. I had no reason to hesitate about the suggestion." Director Denis Dercourt has been invited twice to the Un Certain Regard at the Cannes International Film Festival. 


Celebrating the release of the film in Korea, the director also said, “I used The Chaser and Memories of Murder as references among Korean films while working on the script. However, I tried hard to make my film different from the typical ‘Korean detective film’ style. I watch a lot of Korean movies like people all over the world. Director Im Kwontaek's Seopyeonje and Lee Changdong's Burning were particularly impressive. The world is enjoying Korean films, music, and culture. It is a great honor for me to release the movie made with Korean actors in Korea."


As a supported Location Incentive for Foreign Audio-visual works by KOFIC in 2020, Vanishing was filmed in Seoul, Incheon, Goyang, Ilsan, and Paju from September to October 2020. Even before its release in Korea, it has been in the upper rank of the reservation rate, raising expectations.

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