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FNC Add Culture Joins Warner Bros. Fund for Korean Films

May 19, 2017
  • Writer by CHO Meanjune
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To Establish Limited Partnership in USD 9-million Huayi-Warner Contents Fund

FNC Add Culture, a Korean media company will go into the Limited Partnership (LP) of the Huayi-Warner Content Fund for Korean films. 

 “We will enter into the USD 9-million Huayi-Warner Content Fund to support Korean movies including V.I.P. and Bad Police (W/T), which will be invested and distributed by Warner Bros. Korea for the next five years,” said AHN Seok-jun, CEO of FNC Add Culture. Huayi-Warner Content Fund is Warner Bros.’ first fund since it has been in Korea. An official of FNC Add Culture added that they decided to join the fund as they believed it would be helpful for their plan to enter the film industry and current DVD business. 

So, FNC Add Culture, Korea’s largest package media company of DVD and Blu-Ray has priority for the copyrights of Korean films produced by Warner Bros. Korea. Meanwhile, the company has major clients such as The Walt Disney Company Korea, Showbox, NEW and Lotte Entertainment

Established on April 28th, Huayi-Warner Content Fund is managed by Huayi Investment, subsidiary of Huayi Brothers Korea, and is partnered by Huayi Tencent Entertainment and Huayi Brothers Korea as well as Warner Bros. Korea and FNC Add Culture. 
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