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PAN MUN JOM: The front line of ideology

Jun 26, 2024
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2024 | 82 MIN l Documentary


CAST PARK Hae-il (Narrator)
RELEASE DATE June 19, 2024

CONTACT Atnine Film Co.,Ltd.

"PAN MUN JOM: The front line of ideology" is a documentary that sheds light on the history and struggles of 'Panmunjom', a symbol of division and the Cold War. The film captures the historical events that took place when Panmunjom, a small village that has existed since the Joseon Dynasty, became a gathering place for key figures of the North Korean and American militaries during the war and was moved to its current location. The film logically unfolds a timeline spanning 70 years, and goes one step further to express the hope that communication between North and South Korea will be truly restored. This is the second directorial effort from director SONG Won-geun, who previously directed the documentary film "My Name Is KIM Bok-dong", which tells the story of Japanese comfort women. Actress PARK Hae-il plays Narration.  


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