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Jun 18, 2024
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2024 | 94 MIN l Horror, Mystery

DIRECTOR CHOI Byeong-gil (Ashbun)

CAST CHO Yeo-jeong, KIM Jin-yeong, KO Gyu-pil
RELEASE DATE June 14, 2024

CONTACT Special movie city (http://smcity.co.kr)

A cursed message that comes to you for no apparent cause or reason. Stories about urban legends that could happen to anyone, anywhere, in the backdrop of Seoul, 2024. As families, neighbors, and strangers go on with their daily lives, mysterious incidents that are hard to tell if they are dreams or reality start to occur. Every episode begins with the main character discovering a tarot card. They either choose to believe or ignore the tarot cards that supposedly predict the future, but no one knows how the story will end. Soon after, they experience extreme horrors, that are exactly the opposite of what the tarot cards foretold. Tarot cards may foresee the larger flow of your fate, but they also have reversed and double meanings depending on how they are interpreted, which resembles our lives. "Tarot" is an omnibus movie that excerpts three episodes from LG U+'s original drama of the same name. The first episode, "Santa's Visit," was selected for competition at the 7th Cannes International Series Festival.


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