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Jul 26, 2022
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2022 | 129MIN l Action


CAST Park Haeil, Byun Yohan, Ahn Sungki, Son Hyunju, Kim Sungkyu, Kim Sungkyun 



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In April 1592, after the outbreak of the Japanese Invasion of Korea, the Joseon army lost Hanyang to the Japanese army in just 15 days, and the King was fully ready to flee abroad. With the Joseon army on the defensive in front of the Japanese forces armed with guns, Yi Sunsin desperately needed to prevent the Japanese army from advancing and protect the Jeolla-do area. Admiral Yi Sunsin had the latest weapon, the Turtle Ship, called ‘the Legendary Sea Monster’ by the Japanese soldiers, but the Turtle Ship had a fatal weakness. In a situation where the fate of the country was at stake, Admiral Yi Sunsin tried to stop the Japanese army by building a ‘castle in the sea’ despite everyone's dissuasion. 


HANSAN: RISING DRAGON is the second episode of the ‘Admiral Yi Sunsin Trilogy,’ Director Kim Hanmin prepared for 10 years, who made box office No. 1 in Korean cinema history with The Admiral: ROARING CURRENTS, the 1st episode of the trilogy. If The Admiral: ROARING CURRENTS depicts Yi Sunsin like a fire, HANSAN: RISING DRAGON depicts Yi Sunsin like water. Actor Park Haeil played calm and intelligent Yi Sunsin following ‘Hot Yi Sunsin’ played by Choi Minshik. The scene Park Haeil is sitting at Admiral Yi’s desk and building an amazing maritime tactic ‘Hakikjin (A crane wing formation)’ shows the intellectual aspect of Yi Sunsin, who is a brave general and scholar at the same time. 


The second half of the sea battle scenes is an overwhelming spectacle. The sea battle scenes drawn through computer graphics (CG) have become more sophisticated than the scenes in The Admiral: ROARING CURRENTS, and even the scale has become vast. In The Admiral: ROARING CURRENTS, there were many scenes filmed directly in the sea, but for the second episode, all of the sea battle scenes were completed with CG and studio shots without floating a single ship in the sea. HANSAN: RISING DRAGON, the sea battle blockbuster which cost 30 billion won to produce, will be released simultaneously in the U.S. and Canada along with its release in Korea on July 27. 

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