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I am More

Jul 05, 2022
  • Writerby Hellen Park
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2021 | 82MIN l Documentary 


CAST Mo Jimin, John Cameron Mitchell, Evgeny Shtefan

RELEASE DATE June 23, 2022

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I am More is a documentary film depicting the life of More (Mo Jimin), a drag artist. It was directed by Lee Ilha, who was recognized for his directing skills with A Crybaby Boxing Club (2015) and Counters (2018). A boy, who showed excellent talent in dance since childhood, graduated from an art high school and majored in ballet at the Korea National University of Arts. He was a promising ballerino, but his dream was to become a ‘ballerina.’ The protagonist of I am More is a transgender who underwent a transgender surgery from male to female. Wanting to become a ballerina, he became a 'drag artist' on a small stage in Itaewon, not a grand theater, and started dancing again. The main character, Mo Jimin, decided to name herself ‘More,’ holding her identity. It also means ‘More’ in English, which transcends boundaries, and a ‘fish with furs’ in Chinese characters. Mo Jimin’s More represents an artist who breaks the boundaries and a name that contains the identity of an LGBTQIA. 


I am More is a character documentary that conveys the life of a character in depth as well as a superb drag performance art film. More's impressive performances in Times Square in New York, Itaewon in Seoul, and nature in her hometown are expressed like a musical or a music video. A visually powerful and beautiful documentary film has been born through the meeting of the dramatic and stylish direction of Director Lee Ilha and the intense artist More. The film also shows a thoughtful way for an artist with outstanding talents to face the strong discrimination and hatred of Korean society against LGBTQIA when she chose the life of a sexual minority. More’s friendship with John Cameron Mitchell, the director and actor of Hedwig And The Angry Inch, is also impressive. I am More, the intense, artistic, and in-depth documentary, was invited to the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival and the Busan International Film Festival and received great acclaim.

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