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KOFIC’s Korean Film Night at 2015 Cannes International Film Festival Held in Success

May 18, 2015
  • Writerby KIN Su-yeon
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The Stars of Korean Films Light Up Cannes
Charles Tesson(Cannes Critics' Week), KIM Sae-hoon(KOFIC, Chairman), Nadia Dresti(The Locarno International Film Festival)  
The Korean Film Council (KOFIC, Chairman KIM Sae-hoon) opened the yearly reception, ‘Korean Film Night’ in Cannes on May 17th, France. This event was organized to celebrate the Korean films invited to the 68th Cannes International Film Festival, while providing an opportunity for Korean filmmakers to network with the global film industry.
KOFIC’s chairman KIM Sae-hoon attended the Korean Film Night for the first time since he started his term. KIM stood on stage at the reception and said, “It is meaningful that Cannes has introduced Korean films this year that carry diverse possibilities,” and asked the attendees for their undivided interest and attention towards future Korean films.
That evening was a success as the room overflew with 550 attendees, which was more than what was expected. Office’s director HONG Won-chan and actor BAE Sung-woo, Coin Locker Girl’s director HAN Jun-hee and actor GO Gyung-pyo came on stage for a welcoming applause.

Important guests such KIM Dong-ho, honorary director of the Busan International Film Festival, and Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival’s KIM Young-bin were in attendance. Not only that, directors and programmers of various international film festivals such as Head of Cannes’ Christian Jeune and Charles Tesson, Venice’s Alberto Barbera, Locarno’s Carlo Chatrian, Tokyo’s Yasushi Shiina, and Hong Kong’s Roger Garcia made an appearance, along with Cahier du Cinema’s Stéphane Delorme among many. The festivities included Korean instant noodles and K-pop music, and the guests reacted with their two thumbs up by commenting, “Korean Film Night is the best place to meet Korean filmmakers.”
At Cannes, the world’s best international film festival, the Korean Film Council not only held the Korean Film Night reception but also set up a Korean booth where international film professionals could come and find information about the Korean films screening at the festival. There are also several press conferences for the programmed films. By providing such networking opportunities as well as supporting business meetings, KOFIC has played an important role in promoting Korean films. 
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