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Regional Film Commissions

JNFC (Jeon-Nam Film Commission)
Jeollanam-do is a mysterious land of natural beauty and pristine scenery. With hundreds of islands located in the nearby sea and several oceanic national parks, it boasts outstanding marine tourism attractions and cultural heritages. It also has long been famous for its unique cuisine and continues to lure many Koreans with its rich culinary culture.

Location Highlights
* Suncheonman Bay Field, Korea's biggest area of reeds which creates a breathtaking sight when the entire field sways 
           in the wind
* Suncheon Nakan-eupseoung(castle) village, a traditional folk village with 200 thatched-roof houses
* Yeosu Odongdo, an island famous for its colorful maritime nature including Camellia, a light house, steep rock cliffs, 
           and sea caves
* Yeosu Sado, a group of seven islands that connect by land at low tide
* Kwang-yang Container Terminal, one of the biggest container terminals on the south-west coast
* Kwang-yang Maesil(plum) Orchard, located along the Seomjin River, this orchard is filled with Japanese apricot and 
          Maesil(plum) trees that blossom every March (165,000m2)

Infrastructure & Filming support
* Suncheon Open Set 
          An open set focusing on modern Korea
* Naju Samhanji Theme Park
          A Periodical set focusing on ancient Korea
* Wando Cheonghae Port Outdoor Film Set
          An open set with ancient villages and ports, 66,000m2 in size
* Gokseong Seomjin River Train village
          An old railway that has become a tourist attraction

Recently Supported Productions
* Beyond the Years by LIM Kwon-taek, Korea 2007
* The Poem of Jeolla by Hirofumi KAWAGUCHI, Korea/Japan 2010
* A Taxi Driver by JANG Hun, Korea 2017

Olympic Memorial Community Center 3F Palmaro, Suncheon, Jeollanamdo, Korea
(Tel) +82 61 744 2271
(Fax) +82 61 744 2273


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