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IFC (Incheon Film Commission)
The city of Incheon was the first area in the Korean peninsula to receive the modern cultures of western civilization which then grew into a multicultural and multiethnic harbor city. Being home to the Asian Games in 2014, it is fast rising as an international city center with its world renowned international airport and harbor. It is in close proximity to Seoul, and has various advantages on offer for location shooting from over a hundred nearby islands to the city streets with the charms of the traditional past and the modernity of today.
Location Highlights
* Incheon International Airport
* Incheon Port, a historical port on the Yellow Sea that acts as a gateway to Seoul
* Songdo International City, a new city with a futuristic design
* China Town, a mega scaled exotic town
* Incheon Bridge, the world's fifth most recently built cable-stayed bridge on sea

Incentive programs open to international productions
* Up to 20~40% cash grant for production costs of international projects shot in Incheon, with a cap of
         KRW 100 million, approx USD 88,300.

Recently Supported Productions
* Thirst by PARK Chan-wook, Korea 2008
* Dance Town by JEON Kyu-hwan, Korea 2010
* Mind Memory:1.44 by Sathanapong Limwongthong, Thailand 2017
* Kimchi Untuk Awak by Michael Ang, Malaysia 2017

17 Jemullyang-ro 206beon-gil, Jungangdong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Incheon, Korea (22314)
(Tel) +82 32 435 7172
(Fax) +82 32 435 7173

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