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BFC (Busan Film Commission)
Busan, a metropolis of 3.5 million people, has the complex look of a high-end industrial city of the 21st century that embraces the sights of the past decades. It has both the commercial glitter of skyscrapers and an indigenous atmosphere attractive for location shoots. This port city is a captivating film location for filmmakers all over the world with its combination of past and future, stunning mountains, seas, rivers, and unique local and global style.
Location highlights
* Gwangan Bridge, a landmark of the city and a spectacular sight standing over the sea
* The Yachting Center with a breathtaking view of newly built skyscrapers
* Busan Port with container piers and exotic attractions particular to the port city
* Jagalchi Seafood Market and Nampo-dong, a famous attraction for international visitors at the Busan Film Festival
* Subway stations and public facilities well organized and accessible for shooting as they are backed by a highly supportive
* A variety of local scenes and bystreets with nostalgic landscapes
Incentive programs open to international productions
* Filming location tips and provision of photos and video materials of locations 
 Rental car services support during location scouting
* Location Scouting
* In-kind Incentive program
            : Incentive program to be offered to competitive film productions that have more than 15 shooting plans in Busan
* Information provision on local producers, equipment rental companies an Busan Movie Database (BMDB)
* Local information provision on accommodation, transportation and medical facilities, etc.
 Accommodation support up to 30 nights to be provided to crews engaged in location scouting in Busan
Infrastructure & Filming support
* Busan Cinema Studios
         - Soundproof stages and clear floor span that is self-leveling
         - Fully equipped for wire actions and electromotive set-battens
         - Large green screen for Chroma key shooting (including TV series, CF, MV)
         - Water supply & Drainage facilities
* Busan Cinema Venture Center
         - Professional film crews for hire including producers, aviation specialists, underwater photographers, production designers
            and make-up artists
         - Well maintained and quality camera equipment rentals at bargain rates
Recently Supported International Productions
* Hanakage by Hayato KAWAI, Japan 2007
* Hero by Masayuki SUZUKI, Japan 2007
* Beverly Hills Ninja 2 by Mitchell KLEBANOFF, USA 2008
* Tokyo Taxi by KIM Tai-sik, Korea/Japan 2009
* Black Panther by Ryan COOGLER, USA 2018

8F, 39 Centum seo-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan 48508, Korea
(Tel) +82 51 7200 301
(Tel) +82 51 7200 300

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