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SFC (Seoul Film Commission)
Seoul is not only Korea’s chief administrative, economic, educational and cultural center, but also the hub of Korean film industry; an industry that ranked 7th in the world in terms of gross box office sales, 5th in terms of admissions, and 5th in terms of feature film productions from 2012 to 2016.
Since its foundation in 2002, Seoul Film Commission has provided support to more than 2,000 film productions including features, shorts, documentaries, commercials, TV dramas, and more. With the systematic support of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and other related agencies, Seoul Film Commission supports film making by operating incentive programs, location tours, and also connecting local production service companies, producers, production managers with each other.

Location Highlights
From historic monuments to ultramodern high rises, Seoul boasts a wide range of locations. Through this location gallery you can get an introduction into what kinds of locations and looks the city has to offer.
* Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Han River, City Center, Gangnam, Namsan
* Cityscape, Cultural Heritage, Early Modern Architecture, Contemporary Architecture
* Residential Areas, Markets & Shopping, Traffic System

Incentive programs open to international productions
* Production Cost Support
The amount of the reimbursements will be up to 30% of the portion of the production budget spent within Seoul and may not exceed KRW 300,000,000 per production. The reimbursements may be used only toward expenses related with shooting. The above KRW 300,000,000 limit shall not be applied to a film that satisfies one of the following requirements:
 (i) more than KRW 3,000,000,000 has been spent in Seoul; (ii) more than 50% of the film has been shot in Seoul; or (iii) distribution agreements in 5 or more countries have been signed.
* Location Scouting Support
The program provides round-trip airline tickets for up to two people (economy class) and accommodation costs for Seoul location scouting for up to KRW 900,000 (up to KRW 150,000 per day/per person), logistical services of a domestic location coordinator, and a rental car or money equivalent thereto for three (3) days.
  * Seoul Screenplay Development Support
The program provides round trip flight tickets for up to two people (economy class), one work space (hotel or residence selected by SFC) for 30 days per project, location tour, and a meeting space. Location tour will be given only if the applicant requests a tour before his/her stay and if the film commission's budget and circumstances permit. Facilities at the Filmmaker's Creative Zone will be utilized as a meeting space
※ More than one person may share the space. (2 rooms for 15 days, 3 rooms for 10 days, etc.)

Infrastructure & Filming support
Seoul Film Commission acts as a liaison for film permits for locations owned or operated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) or its affiliated entities including:
* Major landmarks such as N Seoul Tower, Gwanghwamun Plaza, etc.
* Public buildings such as city halls, district offices, public museums, police stations, etc.
* Any kind of public spaces, places or squares
* Parks and recreational facilities
* Traffic facilities such as streets, roads, and highways, bridges, underpasses, etc.
* Public transport facilities such as subway and railway
* Any other facility owned or operated by SMG such as sewage treatment plants, flood control facilities 
         or thermal power plants, etc.
Seoul Film Commission arranges road control, and provides equipment for roadblocks and signboards to inform the public about filming. Seoul Film Commission also aids in communications with the public in order to mitigate disturbances. Seoul Film Commission arranges temporary parking spaces for film vehicles.

Recently Supported International Productions
* Dream, by KIM Ki-duk, Korea/Japan 2008
* Cafe Seoul, by Take MASAHARU, Japan 2009
* A Brand New Life, by Ounie LECOMTE, France/Korea 2009
* Hello Stranger, by Banjong PISANTHANAKUN, Thailand 2010
* The Yellow Sea, by NA Hong-jin, Korea/USA 2010
* The Avengers: Age of Ultron, by Joss WHEDON, USA 2015
* Okja, by BONG Joon-ho, Korea/USA 2017

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