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Twenty Two (2016)
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  • Twenty Two
An estimated 200,000 Chinese women were forced into prostitution by the Japanese army during WWII. Most of the victims suffered through unimaginable violence and brutality, many have died before the war’s end. The ones that did manage to return home, were shunned by their family and the society. Many survivors lived the rest of their lives with disease or permanent disability. Today, there are only twenty two Chinese “Comfort Women” survivors remain. With a sensitive a...more
Genre Documentary Production Status Released
Running Time 98min Release Date Aug 14, 2018
Country South Korea, China Rating
Language Co-Production Y
Box Office
  • Number of Screens : 31
  • Total Admissions : 2,438
  • Total Gross : $13,679
As of May 23, 2024
Contact Point
  • Asiahome Entertainment Co., Ltd. | info@asiahoment.com
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