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Fluid Boundaries (2016)
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  • Fluid Boundaries
Vladimir Todorovic, Mun Jeonghyun, and Daniel Rudi Haryanto - film directors from Serbia, South Korea, and Indonesia, respectively - met at an international film festival and decided to make a movie about those who stand at a border or who cross such a border. In a series of letters, the three directors share the personal stories of boundary-crossing people. The stories vary with their diverse experience: An Indonesian woman living in Japan; workers of all nationalities who g...more
Genre Documentary Production Status Released
Running Time 87min Release Date Jun 30, 2016
Country South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia Rating 12
Language Co-Production Y
Box Office
  • Number of Screens : 9
  • Total Admissions : 1,145
  • Total Gross : $5,045
As of Jul 20, 2024
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  • Cinema DAL | cinemadal@cinemadal.com
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