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Late Fall (1982)
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  • Late Fall
Hye-rim is a model prisoner serving out her sentence for murder. With two years left to go, she gets a special outing. Hye-rim gets on a train to Kang-reung to visit her mother's grave. At the place, she meets Min-gi, a young man running away after being involved in a crime organization. Min-gi's persistence melts the heart that was hardened in jail. Hye-rim and Min-gi fall in love. Shaking off Min-gi's pleas to run away together, Hye-rim returns to jail. Hye-rim promises to ...more
Genre Drama, Romance Production Status Released
Running Time 95min Release Date Feb 28, 1982
Country South Korea Rating
Language Korean Co-Production N
Box Office
  • Number of Screens : 1
  • Total Admissions : 1,612
  • Total Gross : $2,737
As of Feb 25, 2024
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  • Dong-a Export Co., LTD | donga@dongaexport.com
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