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Love & Peace (2007)
  • Love & Peace
Kurdistan - a village near the boarder between Iraq and Iran. Faegh, a hawking player has three wives and 11 children. His work with his wives and children is to make musical instruments called Daf. Daf is the most famous Iranian musical instrument with an especial conotation among Kurds. They make this instrument from sheep's hide. The ceremonies for making such an instrument are very interesting and bizzar, at the same time. Faegh, his wives and children, after making the i...more
Genre Drama Production Status Released
Running Time 126min Release Date Oct 11, 2007
Country Japan Rating 15
Language Co-Production N
Box Office
  • Number of Screens : 6
  • Total Admissions : 2,017
  • Total Gross : $9,871
As of May 18, 2024
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Director & Producer
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