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Ko-Production Projects

  • Capirucho
  • Area Argentina
  • Genre Drama
  • Language Spanish/English
  • Production Company Kross Pictures
  • Director TBD
  • Screenwriter Sam Lim, Marwin Arellano
  • Producer Hyeon-woo Kim
Armando, an up-and-coming American lawyer, is commissioned to work for an American company called Pacific Gold on their mine development project in his home country of El Salvador. He tells his mother Eva about the job, which will surely benefit his career, but Eva opposes Armando about taking the job by telling him to remember that his father, Anibal, and grandfather, Fito, fought dying for the have-nots and for equality during the 1989 Salvadorian Civil War. Despite his mother’s opposition, Armando leaves for El Salvador, and feels disjointed by the gap between his luxurious hotel lodgings and his relatives’ lives in poverty. While he is looking around the mine site, he gets into a dispute with local residents. Carolina, who is at the helm of the demonstrations opposing the mine, strongly condemns the Pacific Gold’s business plans for mine development; she says she cannot simply watch the local community and tradition get destroyed.
As he understands the positions of both sides, Armando tries to genuinely listen to the opinions of the locals, and his sincerity moves the hearts of Carolina and the other residents bit by bit. Meanwhile, Pacific Gold has become impatient with the delay in construction, and creates a plan to evacuate Carolina from the site. Contractors raid Carolina’s home, and Armando rescues Carolina’s daughter Liliana and hides with her in a wooden shack in the jungle. There, he meets his grandfather Fito, who tells him a truly strange story.
-The Devotion of Suspect X (2017, China)
-TE3N (2016, India)
-God’s Eye View (2014, Korea)

-Sound of Your Heart (2016)
-Cheese in the Trap (2016)
-Dr. Jin (2012)

Work Experience
-Walt Disney Imagineering Co, Theme Park Development (USA)
-Samsung Japan Inc., Strategical Investment Department, Vice Chief (Japan)
-Goldman Sachs & Co., Capital Market Vice Analyst (Hong Kong)
-Bain & Company, Seoul Office, Strategy Consultant (Korea)

-UCLA, Film Graduate School, ProducersProgram(USA)
-Waseda University, Business School MBA(Japan)
-Yonsei University, Business Administration (Korea)