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Ko - production in Busan
  • Delicately Describes a Boy with Growing Pain
  • by KIM Hyun-min /  Oct 17, 2012
  • Juvenile Offender, Invited to the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival
    Juvenile Offender directed by KANG Yi-kwan has been invited to the 49th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, which is going to take place November 8th to 23rd. Juvenile Offender is a sensational and controversial film about a boy who faces the cold reality when meets his mother after a 13-year stray spending in and out of juvenile jail.
    The Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival is the most influential film festival in the Great China Region. At the 44th edition of the festival, LEE Jun-ki  awarded TANG Wei for her performance as a starlet in Lust, Caution.
    Among the total of 213 films to be screened at the Golden Horse Film Festival, Juvenile Offender was invited to the Rites of Passage section. It is a section where films about rebellious adolescents who lie in between adults and children are introduced.
    The Jury explained that they decided to invite Juvenile Offender to the section because it is a film that delicately describes a boy with growing pain by showing youth crimes and unmarried mother problems. In Another Country by HONG Sangsoo and All About My Wife by MIN Kyu-dong were also invited to this festival along with Juvenile Offender.
    KANG, the director of Juvenile Offender, is going to meet film fans at the festival between November 20th and 23rd. This film received favorable comments saying, “This film very well conveys social issues that we have been indifferent to. It will be carved in viewers’ memories with its brilliance, coldness and delicacy.”, when it was invited to the Contemporary World Cinema program of the Toronto International Film Festival.
    It started collecting even more interests as it became the only Korean film invited to the competition section of the 25th Tokyo International Film Festival starting on October 20th.
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