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Jul 29, 2015 ~ Aug 04, 2015
  • Northern Limit Line
    Northern Limit Line (2015)
    - Director : KIM Hak-soon
    - Main Cast : GIM Mu-yeol, JIN Goo, LEE Hyun-woo, LEE Wan
    - Genre : Drama
    In 2002 during the frenzy of the World Cup in South Korea, the South Korean Battleship 357 prepares for its usual duties. The North Korean Navy, noticing its southern nation is caught up in soccer fever, deploys several battleships of their own towards the Northern Limi...
  • The Silenced
    The Silenced (2015)
    - Director : LEE Hae-young
    - Main Cast : PARK Bo-young, UHM Ji-won, KONG Ye-ji, SIM Hee-sub
    - Genre : Drama, Mystery
    Ju-ran who suffers from a chronic health condition moves to a sanitorium boarding school. In the new environment, she regains health thanks to her new friend, Yeon-deok, and the principal's special treatment program. But soon, her classmates begin to disappear one by on...

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