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Oct 31, 2014 ~ Nov 06, 2014
  • Miracle on Jongno Street
    Miracle on Jongno Street (2010)
    - Director : LEE Hyuk-sang
    - Main Cast : SO Joon-moon, JEONG Yol, CHOI Young-su, JANG Byeong-kwon
    - Genre : Documentary
    “It’s the golden age of my gay life!”The first campy gay documentary by a gay director from Korea―Miracle on Jongno Street
    Jongno(“Bell Street”) in Seoul, has been a cultural ghetto for gay men since at least the 1980’s. Currently home to over 100 business es...
  • My Love, My Bride
    My Love, My Bride (2014)
    - Director : LIM Charn-sang
    - Main Cast : JO Jung-suk, SHIN Min-a
    - Genre : Romance, Comedy
    Young-min and Mi-young are a couple in a long-term relationship and lately sense growing lack of interest in each other. One day, Young-min’s unexpected visit at night leads Mi-young to think they are finally breaking up but, surprisingly Young-min comes over to propos...
  • Roaring Currents
    Roaring Currents (2013)
    - Director : KIM Han-min
    - Main Cast : CHOI Min-shik, RYU Seung-ryong, CHO Jin-woong, JIN Goo
    - Genre : Epics/Historical, Action
    The story of Korean history’s most astonishing military victory by its greatly revered strategist, Admiral Yi Sunshin, who lures over 300 Japanese ships into a deadly trap where they meet their fate against only 13 battle ships.

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