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Aug 30, 2016 ~ Sep 05, 2016
  • Operation Chromite
    Operation Chromite (2016)
    - Director : John H. LEE
    - Main Cast : LEE Jung-jae, LEE Beom-su, Liam Neeson, JIN Se-yun
    - Genre : Drama, War
    South Korean Navy Special Forces, Captain Jang Hak-soo and his 7 members disguise themselves as a North Korean inspection unit. Their mission directives from Gen.MacArthur are: 1. infiltrate the North Korean army command center in Incheon and secure the mine chart, 2. k...
  • Seoul Station
    Seoul Station (2016)
    - Director : YEON Sang-ho
    - Main Cast : RYU Seung-ryong, SHIM Eun-kyoung, LEE Joon
    - Genre : Animation
    At Seoul Station after sunset, an old homeless man, one of many, is seen as he gobbles up another. Soon, the streets around the area are covered with madmen. Hae-sun, a runaway teenager, breaks up with her boyfriend who forces her into prostitution. She leaves the shabb...

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