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Dec 23, 2014 ~ Dec 29, 2014
  • 51+
    51+ (2013)
    - Director : JUNG Yong-taek
    - Main Cast :
    - Genre : Documentary
    At the heart of the Korean indie music scene, Hongdae street, indie musicians have been kicked out from their ground. With nowhere to perform, they seek an opportunity to work with Doo-ri-ban, a noodle restaurant, facing a difficult situation just like them.
  • Ode to My Father
    Ode to My Father (2014)
    - Director : JK YOUN
    - Main Cast : HWANG Jung-min, KIM Yun-jin, OH Dal-su, Changki Hwang
    - Genre : Drama
    Amid the chaos of refugees fleeing the Korean War in December 1950, a young boy, Duk-soo, sees his fate change in the blink of an eye when he loses track of his younger sister and he leaves his father behind to find her. Settling in Busan, Duk-soo devotes himself to his...

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