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Ko - production in Busan
Oct 23, 2019 ~ Oct 29, 2019
  • A Young Bride
    A Young Bride (1968)
    - Director : KIM Gi-pung
    - Main Cast : MOON Hee, KIM Jung-hoon
    - Genre : Drama
    A 16-year old bride is too childlike to please her parents in-laws. One day her husband is drafted to the army, and won't come back home after the war. Her in-laws encourage her to meet another man, lying that their son would not return. But just after she marries anoth...
  • Christmas in August
    Christmas in August (1998)
    - Director : HUR Jin-ho
    - Main Cast : HAN Suk-kyu, SHIM Eun-ha, SHIN Gu, LEE Han-wie
    - Genre : Drama, Romance
    In a quiet corner of Seoul, Jung-won runs a small photo studio. A humble shack passed down from his widower father, the studio is a space where Jung-won goes about his daily routine of dealing with fussy customers, enlarging photos of class heartthrobs for the neighborh...
  • Dance Town
    Dance Town (2010)
    - Director : JEON Kyu-hwan
    - Main Cast : RA Mi-ran, OH Seong-tae, DO Yu-Seung
    - Genre : Drama
    Jung-Nim, a North Korean middle class worker, defects from the North following an accusation of watching a pornographic video. Her husband barely gets Jung-Nim out of the country but is arrested by the North Korean security forces. Jung-Nim lives in South Korea under th...
  • Die Bad
    Die Bad (2000)
    - Director : RYOO Seung-wan
    - Main Cast : RYOO Seung-wan, RYOO Seung-bum, PARK Sung-bin, BAE Jung-sik
    - Genre : Drama, Action
    Die Bad is a hard-boiled action movie in four parts about violence: school violence, a ghost’s violence against its murderer, violence between a cop and a gangster, and an appalling fight among gangsters. Suk-whan and Sung-bin, both teenagers, rumble with Hyun-soo’s...
  • Dooman River
    Dooman River (2009)
    - Director : ZHANG Lu
    - Main Cast : YIN Lan, Jian Cui, Jin Linl Li, Jin Ying-hua
    - Genre : Drama
    Chang-ho lives on the China side, while Jeong-jin lives on the North Korea side. For obvious reasons, more and more North Korean refugees are trying to reach the outside world. Dooman River quite naturally has become the first hurdle for the refugees to cross. Through a...
  • Fourth Place
    Fourth Place (2014)
    - Director : JUNG Ji-woo
    - Main Cast : PARK Hae-joon, LEE Hang-na, YOO Jae-sang, CHOI Moo-sung
    - Genre : Drama
    Joon-ho, a 11-year-old swimmer who hopes to become an Olympic medalist, has a problem; he always records 4th place at all the swimming contests that he participates in. His mom who is more enthusiastic than himself in winning is frustrated. Hearing a rumor about a compe...
  • Ireesha, The Daughter of Elf-king
    Ireesha, The Daughter of Elf-king (2018)
    - Director : CHANG Hyung-yun
    - Main Cast : CHUN Woo-hee, SIM Hee-sub, KIM Jun-bae
    - Genre : Animation
    The fate of the Elf world is on the hands of the most ordinary girl, Ireesha.

    Ireesha, an ordinary high school girl, one day witnesses her friend Jinseok dies in a car accident and his soul is stolen by an unknown figure. While she struggles with guilt, a tal...

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