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Ko - production in Busan
Dec 03, 2020 ~ Dec 09, 2020
  • A Tiger in Winter
    A Tiger in Winter (2017)
    - Director : LEE Kwang-kuk
    - Main Cast : KO Hyun-jung, LEE Jin-wook, SEO Hyun-woo, RYU Hyun-kyung
    - Genre : Drama, Romance
    A tiger escaped from the zoo. It was winter, and it had nowhere to go.

    One winter day, a tiger escapes from the zoo. Gyeong-yu, who has been living off of his girlfriend, is suddenly abandoned by her for reasons he can't understand. Having nowhere to go, Gyeo...
  • An Aimless Bullet
    An Aimless Bullet (1961)
    - Director : YU Hyun-mok
    - Main Cast : KIM Jin-gyu, KIM Hye-jeong, CHOI Moo-ryong
    - Genre : Drama
    Through an indigent family living a destitute life, he reveals the difficulties of postwar Korean society. Accountant clerk Chul-Ho, his disabled vet brother and the rest of the family tries to cope with harsh reality only to see them fail, losing the direction of which...
  • Buen Camino
    Buen Camino (2019)
    - Director : LEE Jong-eun
    - Main Cast :
    - Genre : Documentary
    A visually impaired woman in her 50s and an 18-year-old girl walk the Camino de Santiago. The older woman, Jae-han, is a masseuse who can only make out the dim outlines of things. She is accompanied by a girl named Da-hee. Jae-han dreams of presenting her own style of f...
  • Eyelids
    Eyelids (2016)
    - Director : O Muel
    - Main Cast : MUN Seok-bum, SUNG Min-chul, LEE Sang-hee, KANG Hee
    - Genre : Drama
    On a remote island, an old man lives alone. He leads a quiet life but whenever a phone call from the ocean resonates throughout the island, he begins to make rice cake. One day, a fisherman visits him, and despite the old man’s warning, he braves the treacherous ocea...
  • Jazzy Misfits
    Jazzy Misfits (2019)
    - Director : NAM Yeon-woo
    - Main Cast : CHO Min-soo, KIM Eun-young
    - Genre : Drama
    An aspiring singer Sun-deok is visited by mother whom she hasn't spoken to in years. The abrupt encounter leads to the news of her younger sister Yu-ri, who had vanished with their savings. The mother-daughter team is now hunting for the missing girl and their money, po...
  • Kissing Cousin
    Kissing Cousin (2015)
    - Director : JANG Hyun-sang
    - Main Cast : JANG In-sub, BAE So-eun, JO Soo-hyang, KIM Ja-young
    - Genre : Drama, Romance
    "In childhood, a love deeply engraved "
    The first and most powerful love Taeik ever felt was that for his cousin Ari, who he first met at a family gathering. “Twelve years later, my lifeless heart started to beat again.” Taeik, enlisted in the militar...
    LOST TO SHAME (2016)
    - Director : NAM Yeon-woo
    - Main Cast : AHN Seong-min, HONG Jeong-ho, PARK Se-joon, LEE Soo-gwang
    - Genre : Drama
    Songjun is an unknown actor who often has to borrow money from his brother to get by. On one of his grim days, Songjun is cast as the lead in a play about homosexuality. The play is successful and Songjun is lauded for his performance. By taking the role and making effo...

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