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Aug 30, 2015 ~ Sep 05, 2015
  • A Matter of Interpretation
    A Matter of Interpretation (2014)
    - Director : LEE Kwang-kuk
    - Main Cast : YU Jun-sang, SHIN Dong-mi
    - Genre : Drama, Comedy
    An actress storms out of a theater after throwing a fit at her troupe members when no one shows up at her play. She ends up at a nearby park and calls her boyfriend out to whom she relates how she almost got a part in a feature film. Her boyfriend’s comforting words se...
  • A Midsummer's Fantasia
    A Midsummer's Fantasia (2014)
    - Director : JANG Kun-jae
    - Main Cast : KIM Sae-byuk, Iwase Ryo, LIM Hyung-kook
    - Genre : Drama
    A Korean filmmaker journeys to a small rural town in Japan, Gojo, with his assistant director Mijung who interprets for him. The film is in two parts whereby the first tells the story of the filmmaker’s encounters with interesting people of Gojo, while the second unrav...
  • AV Idol 2
    AV Idol 2 (2014)
    - Director : Hideo Jojo
    - Main Cast : Nana Nanaumi
    - Genre : Romance
  • Alice In Earnestland
    Alice In Earnestland (2015)
    - Director : AHN Gooc-jin
    - Main Cast : LEE Jung-hyun, SEO Young-hwa, MYUNG Kae-nam, OH Gwang-rok
    - Genre : Drama
    Soonam struggles to pay bills for her vegetative husband. Despite her hard work, there’s no hope and her husband never seems to wake up. A cruel fairy tale with LEE Junghyun’s shocking performance.
  • Director's CUT
    Director's CUT (2014)
    - Director : PARK Joon-bum
    - Main Cast :
    - Genre : Drama
    Haegang has been making indie films for 10 years and is preparing his first full-length film. Unfortunately, he is in trouble as his girlfriend and old colleagues turn their back on him. The conflict deepens when he meets a new producer. He decides to take action for a ...
  • Gifted
    Gifted (2015)
    - Director : JUHN Jai-hong
    - Main Cast : BAE Jung-hwa
    - Genre : Drama, Thriller
    Min-soo unsuccessfully searches for a new job after he is laid off. He keeps this a secret from his fianc? who has plans to take over a caf? with Min-soo’s money. But when she eventually finds out, she wastes no time showing she has no tolerance for a boyfriend with no...
  • Haunted Road
    Haunted Road (2014)
    - Director : Yijian Tong
    - Main Cast : HONG Soo-ah, Jiang Chao
    - Genre : Horror

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