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Dec 01, 2015 ~ Dec 07, 2015
  • A Midsummer's Fantasia
    A Midsummer's Fantasia (2014)
    - Director : JANG Kun-jae
    - Main Cast : KIM Sae-byuk, IWASE Ryo, LIM Hyung-kook
    - Genre : Drama
    A Korean filmmaker journeys to a small rural town in Japan, Gojo, with his assistant director Mijung who interprets for him. The film is in two parts whereby the first tells the story of the filmmaker’s encounters with interesting people of Gojo, while the second unrav...
  • Alice In Earnestland
    Alice In Earnestland (2015)
    - Director : AHN Gooc-jin
    - Main Cast : LEE Jung-hyun, SEO Young-hwa, MYUNG Kae-nam, OH Gwang-rok
    - Genre : Drama
    Soonam struggles to pay bills for her vegetative husband. Despite her hard work, there’s no hope and her husband never seems to wake up. A cruel fairy tale with LEE Junghyun’s shocking performance.
  • Alice: Boy from Wonderland
    Alice: Boy from Wonderland (2015)
    - Director : HUH Eun-hee
    - Main Cast : HONG Jong-hyun, JEONG So-min, JUNG Yeon-ju, LEE Seung-yun
    - Genre : Horror, Romance, Fantasy
    Hye has suffered from severe nightmares. They actually happen in reality and ultimately endanger her life. She decides to return to a private resort called ‘Wonderland’. It was a summer villa visited by her family 24 years ago. There is a mysterious and enchanting man...
  • Black Stone
    Black Stone (2015)
    - Director : ROH Gyeong-tae
    - Main Cast : WON Tae-hee
    - Genre : Drama
    X who is raped in the army, kills his boss and escapes back to his home, the rainforest. There, X meets his grandmother and father and experiences magical moments right before his death.
  • How To Steal A Dog
    How To Steal A Dog (2014)
    - Director : KIM Sung-ho
    - Main Cast : KIM Hye-ja, CHOI Min-soo, GANG Hye-Jung, LEE Chun-hee
    - Genre : Family, Drama

    Ji-so is a 10-year old living with her mom and a little brother, Ji-suk, in a pizza truck. With her dad out of contact after their pizza truck business went bankrupt and her mom la...
  • INGtoogi: The Battle of Internet Trolls
    INGtoogi: The Battle of Internet Trolls (2012)
    - Director : UM Tae-hwa
    - Main Cast : UM Tae-goo, RYU Hye-young, GWON Yool, CHO Seul-ye
    - Genre : Drama, Action
    Keyboard fighters carry on their pseudo battles by endlessly bickering at each other online. Kool Kidneys and Man Boobs were in full online battle mode when Man Boobs tricked Kool Kidneys into coming out to the real world where he crushed and filmed Kool Kidneys and pos...
  • Island
    Island (2015)
    - Director : PARK Jin-seong
    - Main Cast : OH Ji-ho, MOON Ga-young
    - Genre : Drama, Mystery
    A pensive man visits an empty house. A neighbor tells him the house is haunted but he ignores it. PARK Jinseong’s second feature that takes place in Jeju Isaland gazes into the pain of life.

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