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Ko - production in Busan
Jun 27, 2019 ~ Jul 03, 2019
  • A Boy and Sungreen
    A Boy and Sungreen (2018)
    - Director : AHN Ju-young
    - Main Cast : AHN Ji-ho, SEO Hyun-woo, SHIN Dong-mi, SEO Hyun-woo
    - Genre : Drama
    Dad, am I getting warmer?

    There is a fragile and sensitive boy in a tough world. His mother named him Bo-hee(synophone meaning pussy), and it was inevitable that he’d be given an unusual nickname. There is a seemingly unbreakable girl. Her name is Nok-yan...
  • A Petty Middle Manager
    A Petty Middle Manager (1961)
    - Director : LEE Bong-rae
    - Main Cast : KIM Seung-ho, DO Kum-bong, HWANG Jung-soon, KIM Hee-kap
    - Genre : Drama, Romance, Comedy
    Gu, a branch manager of a transport company, is asked by Song, an executive of the company, if he can turn the second floor of the branch into a dancing school. Song's mistress Myeong-ok will run the school, he says. Gu does as Mr. Song wants, and is promoted to the hea...
  • Forever With You
    Forever With You (1958)
    - Director : YU Hyun-mok
    - Main Cast : DO Kum-bong, JANG Min-ho
    - Genre : Drama, Romance, Action
    Gwang-pil (Lee Ryong), Dal-su (Choi Bong) and Sang-mun (Choi Myeong-su) are gangster boys who pick pockets. Ae-ran (Do Geum-bong), who works at a bakery, and Gwang-pil have known each other from childhood and are lovers. The three gangster boys rob a US army warehouse, ...
  • Hoop It Up
    Hoop It Up (2018)
    - Director : CHOI Heon-kyu
    - Main Cast : PARK Su-yeon
    - Genre : Drama
    So-eun is a high-school girl living in the countryside. She’s skinny and quite bad at basketball, but she really likes basketball. The problem is that her school doesn’t have enough players for a team, and they’re trying to dismiss the basketball team. So-eun doe...
  • Let Us Meet Now
    Let Us Meet Now (2018)
    - Director : KANG Yi-kwan, BOO Ji-young, KIM Seo-yoon
    - Main Cast : BAE Yoo-ram, YOON Hye-ri, LEE Jung-eun, LEE Sang-hee
    - Genre : Drama
  • My Sister Is A Hussy
    My Sister Is A Hussy (1961)
    - Director : HAN Hyeong-mo
    - Main Cast : KIM Jin-gyu, UM Aeng-ran, MOON Jung-suk, LEE Dae-yub
    - Genre : Drama
    Dal-su, an owner of a judo school, taught his daughter Sun-ae judo so that she could defend herself. But she uses her judo skills on her husband whenever she is displeased with him. Knowing this, Dal-su summons her to the gym. And he completely beats her in a match, tea...
  • Sermon on the Mount
    Sermon on the Mount (2017)
    - Director : YOO Young-uee
    - Main Cast : BAEK Seo-bin, CHOI E-sun, JUNG Jun-young, OH Kyoung-won
    - Genre : Drama
    Questions occasionally turn up in mind for those deeply buried stories that nobody told clearly and nobody could tell.
    Can 8 young people find the real answer?
    What is the tree of the knowledge and the forbidden fruit?
    Why does the God make the fruit and ...

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