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Ko - production in Busan
Dec 14, 2019 ~ Dec 20, 2019
  • A Sister's Garden
    A Sister's Garden (1959)
    - Director : SHIN Sang-ok
    - Main Cast :
    - Genre : Drama, Romance
    Dr. Nam, in his will, requests that his eldest daughter, Jeong-hui(Choe Eun-hui), marry a painter named Dong-su (Won Nam-gung). Jeong-hui is at risk of losing her house due to her father's debt, and a young physician Sun-cheol (Kim Seok-hun) who received his college edu...
  • Ephemerals to Remember
    Ephemerals to Remember (2018)
    - Director : PARK Young-im
    - Main Cast :
    - Genre : Drama
    Kim, a poet, feels rejected and neglected in her life. One day her husband disappears and she founds a dog abandoned in the reservoir. Taking care of the dog, she strives for a living, but life distresses her even more.
  • Film Adventure
    Film Adventure (2019)
    - Director : LEE Sang-deok
    - Main Cast : CHO Hyun-chul, KIM A-hyun, JEON Suk-ho, SEO Young-hwa
    - Genre : Drama, Romance, Fantasy
    Actor Young-hwa lives happily with lover Ah-yun and cat Theo.

    But when you get used to it, you make more mistakes. Young-hwa feels like something is blocked from acting and life.

    Young-hwa fights against Ah-hyun and gets kicked out of the house.
  • GANG
    GANG (2019)
    - Director : Jo Ba-reun
    - Main Cast : KIM Dae-han, LEE Jung-hyun, CHO Sun-ki
    - Genre : Action
    After getting into a big trouble, CHOI Ji-hoon is transferred to Daehoon High, the worst school in Korea. Ji-hoon’s goal is simple, he wants to become the top dog of the new school. Once he reaches his class, he gets in the face of everyone, trying to pick a fight, b...
  • Hwang-jin-i
    Hwang-jin-i (1986)
    - Director : BAE Chang-ho
    - Main Cast : CHANG Mi-hee, AHN Sung-ki, CHON Moo-song, KIM Yun-kyung
    - Genre : Epics/Historical
    Jin-ie, daughter of magistrate Hwang, with both wits and beauty, is dumped the day before her wedding because of the suicide of a leather-shoe maker who had a crush on her. Shocked by the shoe-maker's death, Jin-ie becomes a kisaeng. Her fame as a kisaeng grows far and ...
  • I Am Home
    I Am Home (2019)
    - Director : PARK Je-bum
    - Main Cast : LEE Yoo-young, KANG Sin-Il
    - Genre : Drama
    “How many homes have you lived in?”

    Eun-seo, a newspaper editor who lives alone in Seoul, struggles repeatedly to find her own place. Her father Jin-cheol, who runs a 24-hour locksmith business in Incheon, lives alone in a house where his family has left....
  • Maggie
    Maggie (2018)
    - Director : YI Ok-seop
    - Main Cast : LEE Joo-young, MOON So-ri, KOO Kyo-hwan, DONG Bang-woo
    - Genre : Mystery, Comedy
    We all are falling into a hole of misunderstanding.

    The discovery of X-ray photographs of sexual intercourse causes trouble at a hospital. The hospital administration is more interested in who might be in the x-rays than who took them. A nurse, YEO Yoon-young...

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