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Oct 01, 2016 ~ Oct 07, 2016
  • A Break Alone
    A Break Alone (2015)
    - Director : CHO Jae-hyun
    - Main Cast : PARK Hyuk-kwon, YOON Joo, LEE Jun-hyeok
    - Genre : Romance
    A seemingly exemplary husband devoted to his wife and children actually has a secret young girlfriend with whom he is infatuated. She suddenly finishes the affair and marries another man, but her ex-lover can’t let go. This is actor Jo Jaehyun’s directorial debut film...
  • Behind the Camera
    Behind the Camera (2012)
    - Director : E J-yong
    - Main Cast : YOUN Yuh-jung, PARK Hee-soon, GANG Hye-jung, OH Jeong-se
    - Genre : Drama
    Director E J-yong signs on to direct an ad spot and becomes taken with the whimsical notion of directing the film not from on set, but from an off-site location using Web-based technology. E writes this very idea into his short film, a story about a director who attempt...
  • Farewell Duman River
    Farewell Duman River (1962)
    - Director : IM Kwon-taek
    - Main Cast : KIM Seok-hun, HWANG Hae, UM Aeng-ran, MOON Jung-suk
    - Genre : Action, War
    Patriotic students say good-bye to their homeland in order to fight against the imperialist Japanese army in Manchuria.
  • Great Patrioteers
    Great Patrioteers (2016)
    - Director : KIM Soo-hyun
    - Main Cast :
    - Genre : Drama
    Coincidence brings Gyohwan, a ´keyboard warrior´ who has left home and is moving from gosiwon to gosiwon, and Jeongsu, a ´patriotic senior citizen´ who has fought all his life against the left wing, together who become close like a grandfather and grandson. A black ...
  • Han River
    Han River (2016)
    - Director : LEE Moo-young
    - Main Cast : BONG Man-dae, KI Tae-young, KIM Hui-jeong
    - Genre : Drama
    Catholic priest, Myeong-jun, climbs up one of the bridges crossing the Han River to commit suicide after learning that a woman who loved him in the past, has killed herself. Then Jang-hyo, a homeless person, tells the man on the bridge that he bet with other homeless pe...
  • Kissing Cousin
    Kissing Cousin (2015)
    - Director : JANG Hyun-sang
    - Main Cast : JANG In-sub, BAE So-eun, O Yu-jin, JO Soo-hyang
    - Genre : Drama, Romance
    "In childhood, a love deeply engraved "
    The first and most powerful love Taeik ever felt was that for his cousin Ari, who he first met at a family gathering. “Twelve years later, my lifeless heart started to beat again.” Taeik, enlisted in the military ...
  • One Way Trip
    One Way Trip (2015)
    - Director : CHOI Jeong-yeol
    - Main Cast : Ji-soo, SUHO, RYU Jun-yeol, KIM Hee-chan
    - Genre : Drama
    Four boys are running for it in a remote beach town. The police are chasing them up close. This risky pursuit is put to an end by a hit-and-run accident, and the boys are taken to the station.

    The boys express their innocence while the police try to press cha...

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