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Jul 29, 2016 ~ Aug 04, 2016
  • A Korean in Paris
    A Korean in Paris (2015)
    - Director : JEON Soo-il
    - Main Cast : CHO Jae-hyun, PANG Ji-in
    - Genre : Drama
    One summer in Paris, Sang-ho, a homeless Korean living in subways and streets wanders around holding his wife’s photo, hoping to find her. 2 years ago, his wife, Yeon-Hwa vanished like a ghost during their honeymoon in Paris.
  • Beyond The Years
    Beyond The Years (2007)
    - Director : IM Kwon-taek
    - Main Cast : CHO Jae-hyun, OH Jung-hae, RYU Tae-ho, Woo Young Jae
    - Genre : Drama
    Dong-ho and Song-hwa are separately adopted by Yu-bong (Lim Jin-ta), a nomadic singer, and grow up as siblings. Dong-ho falls in love with Song-hwa, but he suffers from the fact that he has to call her sister and constantly fight with Yu-bong’s obsession to make her a ...
  • Black Stone
    Black Stone (2015)
    - Director : ROH Gyeong-tae
    - Main Cast : WON Tae-hee
    - Genre : Drama
    X who is raped in the army, kills his boss and escapes back to his home, the rainforest. There, X meets his grandmother and father and experiences magical moments right before his death.
  • Bleak Night
    Bleak Night (2010)
    - Director : YOON Sung-hyun
    - Main Cast : SEO Jun-young, PARK Jung-min, CHO Seong-ha, LEE Je-hoon
    - Genre : Drama
    Three best friends, Ki-tae, Dong-yoon, and Hee-june thought their friendship would last forever. A few tiny cracks of distrust start to develop among them. Ki-tae and Hee-june are suddenly filled with misunderstanding and hate, and Ki-tae starts to use violence on Hee-j...
  • El Condor Pasa
    El Condor Pasa (2012)
    - Director : SONG Jae-yong
    - Main Cast : KANG Ye-won, KAWSAY
    - Genre : Drama
    Soo-ha leaves the city and goes to the roadside rest stop inherited from her father. The rest stop, however, is losing business as much as Soo-ha’s life is losing vitality. Because of a new road, few people pass this way and there are two employees who don’t really fi...
  • Fourth Place
    Fourth Place (2014)
    - Director : JUNG Ji-woo
    - Main Cast : PARK Hae-joon, LEE Hang-na, YOO Jae-sang, CHOI Moo-sung
    - Genre : Drama
    Joon-ho, a 11-year-old swimmer who hopes to become an Olympic medalist, has a problem; he always records 4th place at all the swimming contests that he participates in. His mom who is more enthusiastic than himself in winning is frustrated. Hearing a rumor about a compe...
  • Golden Chariot in the Sky
    Golden Chariot in the Sky (2013)
    - Director : O Muel
    - Main Cast : MUN Seok-bum, KIM Dong-ho, YANG Jeong-won, LEE Kyoung-jun
    - Genre : Drama
    Ppongddol dreams of forming a band and having a successful career. He names his band 'Golden Chariot’ after a worn-out, orange cart he found on the street, giving it exaggerated meaning. Ppongddol suggests that his village friends join the band, using this cart to carr...

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