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Ko - production in Busan
Jul 05, 2020 ~ Jul 11, 2020
  • A Bonanza
    A Bonanza (1961)
    - Director : CHUNG Chang-wha
    - Main Cast : KIM Seung-ho, HWANG Hae, UM Aeng-ran, HEO Jang-gang
    - Genre : Drama
    It's been 20 years since Jang, Woon-chil (Kim, Seung-ho) left on a journey in search of gold. When he finally finds the gold mine and becomes rich, he searches for Yeong-ok (Um Aing-ran), the daughter he left when he was poor, and Park, Dong-il (Hwang Hae), and the son ...
  • A Boy and Sungreen
    A Boy and Sungreen (2018)
    - Director : AHN Ju-young
    - Main Cast : AHN Ji-ho, KIM Joo-ah, SEO Hyun-woo, SHIN Dong-mi
    - Genre : Drama
    Dad, am I getting warmer?

    There is a fragile and sensitive boy in a tough world. His mother named him Bo-hee(synophone meaning pussy), and it was inevitable that he’d be given an unusual nickname. There is a seemingly unbreakable girl. Her name is Nok-yan...
  • A Country Girl
    A Country Girl (1958)
    - Director : PARK Young-hwan
    - Main Cast : LEE Gyeong-tae, CHOI Eun-hee, LEE Dae-yub, DO Kum-bong
    - Genre : Drama, Romance
    Jang Gyeong-ho (Seong So-min) visits fellow student Kim Dong-hwan's (Lee Min) hometown, and falls in love with his sister, Ok-gyeong (Choi Eun-hee). Despite Dong-hwan's objections, Ok-gyeong follows Gyeong-ho to Seoul. With his help she finds a job at Dong-il where she ...
  • A Midsummer's Fantasia
    A Midsummer's Fantasia (2014)
    - Director : JANG Kun-jae
    - Main Cast : KIM Sae-byuk, IWASE Ryo, LIM Hyung-kook
    - Genre : Drama
    A Korean filmmaker journeys to a small rural town in Japan, Gojo, with his assistant director Mijung who interprets for him. The film is in two parts whereby the first tells the story of the filmmaker’s encounters with interesting people of Gojo, while the second unr...
  • A Peppermint Candy
    A Peppermint Candy (1999)
    - Director : LEE Chang-dong
    - Main Cast : SUL Kyung-gu, MOON So-ri, KIM Yeo-jin, LEE Byeong-cheol
    - Genre : Drama
    Yong-ho is a crazy forty year-old man who shows up unexpectedly at the twentieth reunion of former factory workers. The film goes on a time travel as seven past episodes of Young-ho's personal life reveal a link to twenty years of social and economic changes in Korea.
  • A Romantic Papa
    A Romantic Papa (1960)
    - Director : SHIN Sang-ok
    - Main Cast : SHIN Seong-il, JU Jeung-nyeo, CHOI Eun-hee, CHOI Eun-hee
    - Genre : Drama, Romance
    A husband (Kim Seung-ho) who works at an insurance company and is called 'Romantic Papa' by his five children lives happily with his wife (Ju Jeung-nyeo) and family. The eldest daughter, Eum-jeon (Choe Eun-hui), graduates from college and marries Jeon U-taek (Kim Jin-gy...
  • Buen Camino
    Buen Camino (2019)
    - Director : LEE Jong-eun
    - Main Cast :
    - Genre : Documentary
    A visually impaired woman in her 50s and an 18-year-old girl walk the Camino de Santiago. The older woman, Jae-han, is a masseuse who can only make out the dim outlines of things. She is accompanied by a girl named Da-hee. Jae-han dreams of presenting her own style of f...

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