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Apr 17, 2014 ~ Apr 23, 2014
  • All Bark, No Bite
    All Bark, No Bite (2012)
    - Director : CHO Byeong-ok
    - Main Cast : GIM Mu-yeol, JIN Seon-kyu, SEO Dong-gab, KIM Hyun-jeong
    - Genre : Drama, Action, Comedy
    Even a remote town breeds a gang; these young men pass the time idling on the rooftop of a run-down coffee house, picking a fight with a delivery boy and collecting debt on behalf of others. Even though the hoodlums are not exactly saints, they never really harm anyone ...
  • Guardian
    Guardian (2013)
    - Director : YOO Won-sang
    - Main Cast : KO Seo-hee, LEE Jun-hyuk, BAE Sung-woo, NOH Kang-min
    - Genre : Drama, Crime
    A former firefighter and happy father of two children has his world rocked when one of them is kidnapped. Things get worse when he is given instructions to follow: kidnap another child in exchange for the safe return of his.
  • Jeonju Digital Project 2007: Memories
    Jeonju Digital Project 2007: Memories (2007)
    - Director : GREEN Eugene, COSTA Pedro, FAROCKI Harun
    - Main Cast : Christelle Prot, Delphine Hecquet
    - Genre : Documentary, Drama
    Virgile and Blanche, who are both seventeen years old, exchange e-mails in their rooms. Virgile likes Blanche, but Blanche likes a boy named Eustache. However, they dont know each others thoughts. Virgile talks about life and dea...
  • Melo
    Melo (2012)
    - Director : Roy Lee
    - Main Cast : KIM Hye-na, LEE Sun-ho
    - Genre : Thriller
    Yoon-suh, has been living without any dreams and love for a long time. One day, Tae-in comes to her life and she falls into him.
    But when Tae-in’s pregnant ex-girlfriend, Seung-hee appeared to them. All her happiness shatters and she begins to be obsessed to Tae...
  • My Boy
    My Boy (2013)
    - Director : JEON Kyu-hwan
    - Main Cast : CHA In-pyo, LEE Tae-ran, CHO Wang-byeol
    - Genre : Family, Drama
    Impulse disorder patient Icheon dreams of playing with his brother Yucheon in the hospital. Their mother struggles with paying the hospital bills, and barely makes it by, getting help from her husband’s friend.
  • Over and Over Again
    Over and Over Again (2012)
    - Director : KIM Byung-june
    - Main Cast : SONG Sam-dong, LEE Eun-kyoung, LEE Seol-gu, JEONG Seong-hoon
    - Genre : Drama
    Two people seem like non-identical twins, with both having having love lives going nowhere. Yet, Gae-Ddong suffers from a traumatic childhood experience and is introverted with low self-esteem. Meanwhile, his friend Changsoo is proud and boisterous. As Gae-Ddong finds h...
    PADAK (2012)
    - Director : LEE Dae-hee
    - Main Cast : KIM Hyun-ji, AN Young-mi, HYEON Gyoung-su, LEE Ho-san
    - Genre : Animation
    Once a free fish in the ocean, the 'Mackerel' was caught by the fishing net and brought to the fish tank in a seafood restaurant. She searches for a way out intentionally and relentlessly since she came into the tank.
    The skeptic pessimist 'Old-flatfish', was al...

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