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Aug 20, 2014 ~ Aug 26, 2014
  • 10 Minutes
    10 Minutes (2013)
    - Director : LEE Yong-seung
    - Main Cast : BAEK Jong-hwan, KIM Jong-gu, JUNG Hee-tae
    - Genre : Drama
    KANG Ho-chan is studying and preparing for his dream job as a TV station producer. Barely scraping by since his father’s retirement, his family has high hopes for him. However, he fails time and time again to get into the station and eventually ends up getting a part-t...
  • 18 - Eighteen Noir
    18 - Eighteen Noir (2014)
    - Director : HAN Yun-sun
    - Main Cast : LEE Jae-eung, JANG Rae-goon, KIM Jong-yeop, LEE Ik-joon
    - Genre : Drama
    Dong-do is normal high school student. One day, he becomes friends with his classmate Hyun-seung and his bullying clique. Cigarettes and harsh words belching out of their mouths attract him, and through engaging in violence, Dong-do becomes a part of the group and frien...
  • A Hometown In My Heart
    A Hometown In My Heart (2014)
    - Director : Park Stanley
    - Main Cast :
    - Genre : Drama
    Do-seong is a little monk, abandoned by his mother as a baby and raised by the chief monk, a distant relative. The boy has never seen his mother but misses her constantly. One day, Do-seong meets a young widow and feels as if she is his mother. The widow has come to the...
  • Characters
    Characters (2011)
    - Director : SON Kwang-ju
    - Main Cast : SU Hyun, LEE Hwan, Choe Jeong-yeol, KIM Young-jin
    - Genre : Drama
    Director MOH Jae-won, who has only made blockbuster movies until now, wants to go to Cannes with his next work. However, he has trouble collaborating with Soo-yeon, an annual spring literary contest awardee, whom he ambitiously scouted. The obstacles keep on piling up a...
  • If You Were Me 6
    If You Were Me 6 (2012)
    - Director : MIN Yong-keun, PARK Jung-bum, SHIN A-ga, LEE Sang-cheol
    - Main Cast : KIL Hae-yeon, PARK Ju-hee, LEE Young-suk
    - Genre : Drama
    An omnibus film series produced by the National Human Rights Commission , Park Jungbum explores relating to the handicapped, Lee Sangcheol and Shin Aga turn their camera on the elderly and Min Youngkeun looks at conscientious objection to military service.
  • K’ARTO Project
    K’ARTO Project (2012)
    - Director : KIM Jeong-wook
    - Main Cast :
    - Genre : Documentary
  • My Mother, The Mermaid
    My Mother, The Mermaid (2004)
    - Director : PARK Heung-sik
    - Main Cast : JEON Do-yeon, KO Doo-shim, PARK Hae-il, KIM Eun-young
    - Genre : Drama
    Na-young in her mid-twenties works at a post office. She doesn't like either her incompetent father, Jin-gook, or her stout-hearted mother, Yeon-soon. One day, however, when her father leaves home without any trace, Na-young gives up realizing her long-awaited dream, a ...

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