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Ko - production in Busan
2017 KOFIC Location Incentive

UP TO 25% CASH REBATE on production costs spent in KOREA

Any project spending more than 100 million KRW (approx. 100K USD) is eligible to apply. Experience KOFIC’s incentive program!

For more details visit

Up to 25% Cash Rebate on Costs

- KOFIC offers up to 25% cash rebate on foreign audio-visual works production expenditures incurred for goods and services in Korea. The grant amount shall be determined by taking into account the remaining grant program budget on the date of the application.

Eligible Works

Feature films, television series and documentaries produced by a foreign production company, in which the allocation of foreign capital in the production cost exceeds 80%. Eligible works must satisfy the following requirements

  • · 20~25% Cash Rebate on eligible cost
    • - 25% : Shoot no less than 10 days and spend no less than 2 billion KRW (approx. 2 million USD) in Korea
    • - 20% : Shoot no less than 3 days and spend 100 million ~2 billion KRW (approx. 100K~2million USD) in Korea
  • · Must receive approval from the Review Committee who will evaluate the following three elements
    • (1) the degree to which the work promotes tourism ("tourism expansion")
    • (2) the degree to which the work contributes to the Korean film industry ("quantitative contribution")
    • (3) the extent to which the foreign producer participates in the production of the work ("foreign engagement")

Eligible Applicants

- Any corporation organized and registered as a business in Korea

Application Process


Projects Supported & In Progress

    - 2016 : Sense 8(season 2)(American TV series), OKJA(American feature film)

    - 2015 : Huaidan bie re wo(Chinese feature film)

    - 2014 : Avengers : Age of Ultron(American feature film), America's Next Top Model Cycle 21
                (American TV series), Seoul Searching(American feature film), Sense 8(American TV series),
                Bad Sister(Chinese feature film), Emperor's Holidays(Chinese feature film),
                The Phone(Chinese feature film)

    - 2013 : One Cut(Japanese feature film)

    - 2012 : Urban Games(Chinese feature film), Olympic Ransom(Japanese TV drama), Full House(Thailand TV

    - 2011 : Hakuji no Hito(Japanese feature film ), Rainbow Rose(Japanese TV series),
                 On the Road(Chinese feature film)

Contact For more details visit

  • - Director Mr. HAN Sang-hee

  • / +82 51 720 4800


  • PdfIcon2017 KOFIC Location Incentive Guidelines    
  • PdfIcon2017 Standard for Qualifying Production Expenditure