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KOFIC Location Incentive

The Korean Film Council (KOFIC) has recently launched a location incentive, which supports part of the expenses of foreign feature films, television series and documentaries shot in Korea.

Up to 30% Cash Rebate

- KOFIC offers up to 30% cash grant on foreign audio-visual works production expenditure incurred for goods and services in Korea.
The grant amount shall be determined taking into account the remaining grant program budget on the date of application.

- 30% rebate : Shoot more than 10 days
                          Spend more than 2 billion KRW (2 million USD)
- 25% rebate : Shoot more than 7 days
                          Spend 500 million KRW (500,000 USD) ~ less than 2 billion KRW (2 million USD)
- 20% rebate : Shoot more than 3 days
                          Spend 100 million KRW (100,000 USD) ~ less than 500 million KRW (500,000 USD)
* Support from a regional film commission can be included in the expenditure statement.

Eligible Works

- Feature films, television series and documentaries produced by a foreign production company, in which the allocation of foreign capital in the production cost exceeds 80%

  Eligible works must satisfy the following requirements:

  • · Must receive approval from the Review Committee who will evaluate the following three elements
    • (1) the degree to which the work promotes tourism and creates revenues ("tourism and audience expansion")
    • (2) the degree to which the work contributes to the Korean film industry ("quantitative contribution")
    • (3) the extent to which the foreign producer participates in the production of the work ("foreign engagement")
  • · Must spend no less than 100 million KRW (approx. 100,000 USD) in Korea for production expenditure
       as recognized by the Korea Film Council (’Qualifying Production Expenditure' or QPE). For a television
       series, the production costs of all the episodes can be aggregated.
  • · Must shoot more than 3 days in Korea

Eligible Applicants

- A corporation organized and registered as a business in Korea

Application Process


Application period

- All year round

Supported Projects

    - 2013 : One Cut(Japanese feature film), Amour(Japanese feature film), Taste(Chinese feature film)

    - 2012 : Urban Games(Chinese feature film), Olympic Ransom(Japanese TV drama), Full House(Thailand TV

    - 2011 : Hakuji no Hito(Japanese feature film ), Rainbow Rose(Japanese TV series),
                 On the Road(Chinese feature film)


  • PdfIcon2014 KOFIC Location Incentive Guidelines    
  • PdfIcon2014 Standard for Qualifying Production Expenditure