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Ko - production in Busan
  • THE THIEVES steal 10 million hearts
  • Aug 17, 2012
    International caper flick becomes the sixth Korean film ever to surpass the 10 million admissions mark
    CHOI Dong-hoon's The Thieves has officially surpassed the 10 million admission mark at the box office. The record was set just 22 days after its release. The film drew 338,199 moviegoers on August 15th --  Korea's Independence Day, a national holiday -- becoming only the sixth Korean film ever to total more than 10 million admissions. The Thieves set admissions records on the day of its release and drew an official number of 10,096,957 admissions within its first four weeks of release. The film now joins the elite company of 2003's Silmido (11,081,000), 2004's Taegukgi (11,756,735), 2005's King and the Clown (12,302,831) and two 2009 releases -- The Host (13,019,740) and Haeundae (11,390,000). 
    The speed of The Thieves'  admissions pace is similar to that of The Host, which reached the 10 million milestone in 21 days. It hit the mark 12 days earlier than Haeundae and 17 days faster than Avatar. The film is attracting on average nearly 200 thousand moviegoers per day, beating out stiff competition from local hits and Hollywood blockbusters of various genres.
    Director CHOI Dong-hoon said “the star of the 10 million milestone moment is the audience. Thank you to all those who came to see the film, on behalf of the actors and the production team.” Actor KIM Yun-seok said “It’s great to reach this milestone. Thank you. Let’s aim for 20 million with the overseas release.” Actress KIM Hye-soo said, “"I didn’t expect this, so I'm very grateful to the director for giving me a wonderful role. Thank you to the team and the other actors for supporting me, but most of all my biggest thanks go to all those who came to watch the film.” JUN Ji-hyun said “I’m so moved that another Korean film has broken the 10 million mark. I can really feel the power of Korean cinema and how much Korean audiences love Korean films.” The Thieves has reaffirmed the overall high quality of Korean cinema with its strong characters and a well-structured storyline, earning it notoriety as a pitch-perfect summer blockbuster.
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