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Ko - production in Busan
  • Two Well Organized Popcorn Movies
  • by LEE Eun-sun  /  Apr 05, 2013
  • ▶ Filled with humanity and action - Fists of Legend  

    ▶ information
    KANG Woo-suk | Starring HWANG Jung-min, YU Jun-sang, YOON Je-moon | Genre Action, Drama | Running Time 153 Minutes | Rating 18+ | Release April 10
    ▶ synopsis
    There were many boys who excelled at fighting and left their tales of heroism to their bygone school days. Among them are the owner of a noodle restaurant who became frustrated after he lost a boxing match to become a champion, a manager at a large company who sold out his respect to gain promotion and a good-for-nothing guy who dreams of becoming a somebody. These guys were friends back in their school days. But now they begin their last matches not for themselves but for someone else.

    “I think that Fists of Legend is a movie like a boxer who waits for the gong to make a sound to begin to fight in a ring just ahead of the start of a boxing match.” Director KANG Woo-suk poured humanity into Fists of Legend. “We need to see the world including family love and friendship among men more positively,” KANG emphasized. When people come to see this movie, they will expect fight or action scenes. But after the end of the film, they will experience human feelings.” KANG is still very influential to audiences.
    Fist of Legend is the 19th film by KANG who has directed films with various themes in genres such as comedy, action, thriller and drama. KANG brought JUNG Doo-hong as the fight choreographer for the film to create exciting action scenes. An extravagant show is added on top of that. Fists of Legend deals not only with stormy actions but also with a heartfelt story of three buddies, with a big TV fight show as its setting. Their story travels through the past and the present. The film literally shows “human actions.”
    Once the three friends cultivated their friendship and had fun together. But a twist of fate forces them to meet again in the ring. They fight with their whole lives at stake, which will excite audiences. Actors HWANG Jung-min, YU Jun-sang and YOON Je-moon perfectly fit their roles in the film. They successfully transformed into legendary fighters with sharp eyes through hard training. The film contains the actors’ strong passions, who wouldn't delay shooting even after they became injured. Their real training led to dramatic action scenes. The movie is touching and full of suspense.

    ▶ Unique Korean action selected by Hollywood - Running Man

    ▶ information
    CHO Dong-oh | Starring SHIN Ha-kyun, LEE Min-ho, KIM Sang-ho | Genre Action | Running Time 127 minutes | Rating 15+ | Release April 4
    ▶ synopsis
    CHA Jong-woo is the father of a son who is 18 years younger than him. He earns a living by working for an auto repair center in the daytime and as a cab driver at night. One day, a passenger is found dead in his taxi. Then Jong-woo, scared, makes a run for it. But overnight, he becomes the main suspect of the murder case. Jong-woo is chased by the police, reporters and unidentified men. Finally, Jong-woo prepares to strike back.

    The Korean Film Council selected Running Man for support from its global project which the council introduced with a view to promoting Korean films’ advancement into overseas markets in 2012. Running Man is the first Korean film to receive major investment from 20th Fox International Productions. “Running Man shows various characters and unexpected events and actions with an ordinary citizen as its lead,” said Sanford PANITCH, a representative of FIP. “This film will show new possibilities for Korean movies by utilizing characters, Korean emotions, and energetic action based on the geographical characteristics of Seoul.”
    Running Man tells the story of a man who gets involved in a murder case in downtown Seoul and is falsely accused and then chased as the main suspect. The film shows new possibilities for Korean films with an implausible situation, a realistic fugitive story, Korean humor and a universal theme that can cross borders. Actions by the fugitive and his chasers offer thrills different from those of other Korean films that usually center on confrontations. Purely physical actions based on landforms and installations on the ground are quite realistic.   
    SHIN Ha-kyun previously played unique characters in Joint Security Area, Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance, Welcome To Dongmakgol and Thirst. SHIN attempted his first action film through Running Man. He is afraid of heights but he overcame his vertigo to complete his action scenes. YANG Kil-young, the stunt coordinator of The Host and Old Boy, differentiated the action scenes with practical ideas in Running Man.
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