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  • Meet the Monster in HWAYI
  • by BAEK Jong-hyun /  Jan 18, 2013

  • Director JANG Joon-hwan | Starring KIM Yun-seok, YEO Jin-gu | Release Date Late 2013 
    A group of 5 criminals raise an abducted boy and he grows up naturally to become a killer. A heavy tension has been building. Two things are showing great promise for this film. First, JANG Joon-hwan has improved a lot with this film which comes 10 years after Save The Green Planet. Second, YEO Jin-gu is very masculine when up against KIM Yun-seok
    ▶ JANG Joon-hwan
    “A Monster Hidden Inside a Human”
    - What is the story about?
    Hwa-yi is brought up by criminals and calls them fathers for 14 years, but later when he figures out about his past, he is agonized by the truth and bears extreme anger.
    - A boy calling criminals fathers? That’s interesting.
    He has 5 fathers. They are all brutal criminals. Each of them is specialized in strategy, firearms, car driving, blades or fighting. KIM Yun-seok will act as Seok-tae, who is the leader of the group. Growing up under them, Hwa-i naturally learns all their skills.
    - So is it a kind of revenge story?