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Ko - production in Busan
  • Meet the Monster in HWAYI
  • by BAEK Jong-hyun /  Jan 18, 2013

  • Director JANG Joon-hwan | Starring KIM Yun-seok, YEO Jin-gu | Release Date Late 2013 
    A group of 5 criminals raise an abducted boy and he grows up naturally to become a killer. A heavy tension has been building. Two things are showing great promise for this film. First, JANG Joon-hwan has improved a lot with this film which comes 10 years after Save The Green Planet. Second, YEO Jin-gu is very masculine when up against KIM Yun-seok
    ▶ JANG Joon-hwan
    “A Monster Hidden Inside a Human”
    - What is the story about?
    Hwa-yi is brought up by criminals and calls them fathers for 14 years, but later when he figures out about his past, he is agonized by the truth and bears extreme anger.
    - A boy calling criminals fathers? That’s interesting.
    He has 5 fathers. They are all brutal criminals. Each of them is specialized in strategy, firearms, car driving, blades or fighting. KIM Yun-seok will act as Seok-tae, who is the leader of the group. Growing up under them, Hwa-i naturally learns all their skills.
    - So is it a kind of revenge story?

    What I really wanted to show through the film was the essence of life. At the moment, I can only say it’s a story about a certain monster hidden inside a human.
    - Is there any entertaining factor in Hwayi?
    There are speedy developments in the story and plenty of dynamic action. I’m planning to direct various action scenes including new takes on gun fights, car chases and fist fights. Actors have been working their butts off at the action school in order to make good action scenes.
    - It must be important to create a balance when KIM and YEO stand against each other.
    I’m looking forward to this scene myself. If you simply compared them with each other, they are mismatched. But I think it’s definitely possible because it’s not a physical confrontation. I think I gave YEO a big burden, but he is doing really as he is learning everything very fast. No matter what you expect from him, he will surprise you.
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