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Ko - production in Busan
  • [Upcoming Films] CJ Entertainment | Finecut | Indiestory | K-MOVIE
  • Aug 30, 2021
  • [CJ Entertainment]



    2021 | TBD l Crime


    CAST BYUN Yohan, KIM Mooyul, WON Jina, KIM Heewon

    RELEASE DATE Sep,2021

    CONTACT CJ Entertainment

    Tel : +82 2 371 9297 

    Email :


    KIM Gok and KIM Sun, the KIM brothers, are returning to the commercial film industry. The trailblazing and prolific filmmakers are responsible for a number of avant-guard horror and thriller films such as Anti Gas Skin (2010), which met with acclaim on the film festival circuit. They took their first steps in the commercial film industry with the K-horror White: The Melody of the Curse in 2011 and they also contributed several segments to the Horror Stories anthology series.


    Their new film ON THE LINE focuses on the timely subject of voice phishing, which has become an epidemic in Korea. The film follows Seo-joon, a former detective who new leads a field operation team on a construction site in Busan. One day, along with his family and colleagues, he becomes one of the many frustrated victims of a voice phishing scam.


    Not satisfied to leaves things as they are, he takes matters into his own hands and investigates the source of the call himself, tracking it all the way to a shady call center in China. Shocked and surprised by the scale of the illegal operation he uncovers, he meets Pro Kwak (KIM Mooyul), the mastermind behind the scheme. But even though he’s found the source of his woes, he discovers that taking down this organization won’t be walk in the park. by Pierce Conran





    2020 | TBD l Romance, Drama

    DIRECTOR LEE Woojung

    CAST BANG Mina, HAN Sungmin, SHIM Dalgi

    RELEASE DATE Sep 01,2021

    CONTACT Finecut Co., Ltd. 

    Tel +82 2 569 8777



    Snowball, the debut film of director LEE Woojung, debuted last year at the Busan International Film Festival, where it took part in the event’s signature New Currents section, a competition for debut or sophomore features by Asian filmmakers. The film is based on IM Sulah’s 2015 novel The Best Life, which lends its name to the original Korean title of the film. Fronting the cast is BANG Mina, a former member of the popular K-pop band Girl’s Day, in her first leading role since 2011’s Holly, though she has been very active with her small screen work. Snowball was invited to this year’s New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF), where BANG was honoured with an International Rising Star Award.


    BANG plays Kangyi, an 18-year-old girl whose friends So-young and Ah-ram mean the world to her. Seeking a new experience, she runs away with them but their journey comes with unexpected surprises, especially as their runaway life begins to affect their friendships. They set out on their adventure as a united trio but when they eventually return, they do so as three individuals who have grown in different directions. Kangyi wishes that could return to how they once were, but life on the cusp of adulthood isn’t so simple and things only get more complicated between them. by Pierce Conran



    2021 | TBD l Drama

    DIRECTOR Hong Sangsoo 

    CAST Lee Hyeyoung, Cho Yunhee, Kwon Haehyo


    CONTACT Finecut Co., Ltd. 

    Tel +82 2 569 8777



    The prolific and acclaimed filmmaker Hong Sangsoo was busy as usual in 2021, releasing two films, Introduction, which earned the Silver Bear for Best Screenplay at the Berlin International Film Festival, and In Front of Your Face. Unveiled in the new Premiere section of this year’s Cannes Film Festival, In Front of Your Face is the 11th of Hong’s films to screen in Cannes and the 26th film in his career. Hong not only wrote and directed this outing, he also shot the film and composed the music.


    Lee Hyeyeoung, a major star of 1980s Korean cinema also known for modern films such as RYOO Seug-wan’s No Blood No Tears (2002), appears as Sangok, a former actress who gave up her career to live a normal life in America and has now returned to Korea. There she meets with her sister, played by Cho Yunhee, who appeared earlier this year in Introduction, and later a director, played by frequent Hong collaborator Kwon Haehyo (The Day After, 2018). Sangok has a zen approach to life and takes things as they come. Dropping in on her sister, who lives in a modern high rise apartment, she wonders how she can live in such a place. Though she has already refused to work with the director, she meets with him anyway, and they spend time in small hidden bars in downtown Seoul, getting drunk together. by pierce conran




    Show Me the Ghost 

    2021 | TBD l Comedy

    DIRECTOR KIM Eunkyoung

    CAST PARK Han Seungyeon, Kim Hyeonmok, Hong Seungbum

    RELEASE DATE Sep 09,2021

    CONTACT Indiestory Inc.

    Tel +82 2 722 6051



    Hodu (Kim Hyunmok) and Yeji (Han Seungyeon) are two friends who have been working themselves to the bone while constantly having to downsize their ambitions. Things suddenly look brighter for Hodu when he strikes an incredible deal for a house that seems to be everything he ever dreamed of, for the price of a cheap studio apartment. There is even enough room for Yeji to move in after she gets into a fight with her parents. It doesn’t take long however for them to realize that they are not the only tenants here: the house is haunted, and they can’t afford a proper exorcism. 


    Kim Eunkyoung, who dabbled in the horror genre in her early shorts, gives it a comedic twist for her feature debut and uses exorcism as a allegory to the difficulties encountered by young Korean adults. Han, former member of girl band KARA, plays against Kim, whose performance earned him an award at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. by Fabien Schneider


    Mom’s Song 

    2021 | TBD l Drama, Family


    CAST PARK KIM Hyejeong, SHIN Jeongwoong, NO YoonJeong


    CONTACT Indiestory Inc.

    Tel +82 2 722 6051



    Dongmin’s mother asks him to come fix her boiler. There, he notices that she still hasn’t finished unpacking and organizing her new home. While he’s giving her a hand, she lets on that his father now lives in Gunsan and plans to get married with his girlfriend. Dongmin’s mother asks him to pick her up at a bar. There, he notices that she has had one too many drinks and keeps dwelling on Dongmin’s father, claiming that she will forgive everything if he comes back to her. While he’s bringing her back home, she shows him the hospital where he was born. Dongmin’s mother asks him to accompany her to hospital. There, he learns that she has been diagnosed with cancer ressurgence. This first feature from Shin Dongmin, winner of the Grand Prize at the Jeonju International Film Festival, consists of three chapters, with two of them featuring Shin and his mother playing their own respective roles. by Fabien Schneider  




    NE WIN 

    2021 | In Post-Production l Comedy, Drama

    DIRECTOR SHIN Yeon-shick

    CAST SONG Kang-ho, PARK Jeong-min, PARK Myung-hoon



    Tel +82 70 8852 7111



    A former volleyball star, Woojin (Song Kangho) has been struggling to keep his children’s volleyball school afloat. Just when he was about to give up, he is chosen to serve as the new coach of a women team, Pink Storm, which is the unquestioned worst in the league Not only did Jung-won (Park Jeong-min), the president of the club, sold all its best players, but he also promised that a hefty sum would be given to one lucky supporter at the end of their first victorious game, thus prompting a newfound popularity for the team. Woojin now has the mission to give Pink Storm that one victory that will change its destiny. 


    Director Shin Yeonshick, who made a name for himself on the festival circuit with arthouse titles such as The Russian Novel (2013), The Avian Kind (2015) and Romans 8:37 (2017), makes a surprising comeback with a comedy drama led by international star Song Kanghoby Fabien Schneider


    LONG DAY (W/T) 

    2021 | In Post-Production | Drama

    DIRECTOR CHO Sungkyu 

    CAST KIM Dong-wan, NAM Bo-ra, SEO Jun-young, KIM Sun-gje, SHIN So-yul, JEONG Yeon-joo, SUN Min, KIM Hye-na, LEE Da-hye

    RELEASE DATE 2021   


    Tel +82 70 8852 7112   



    When novelist Hyunsoo moves to a new place, he is suddenly visited by a strange woman who says that she used to live there. Hyunsoo and Jeongyoon discuss a movie Jeongyoon plans to make, but this results in them breaking up and say their goodbyes. A stranger named Yoonjoo tells Hyunsoo a secret about his dead wife So-young, and he decides to go explore her past. Novelist Jeongyoon goes to meet Yoonjoo, the person she based her novel on, in order to finish some business. They are all wandering, in her memories, in his novel and in their movies... This day is just like a cloud floating in the sky, and it isn’t over yet.


    It’s an omnibus film directed by Cho Sungkyu, who tries various genres from his first production film Second Half in 2010 and continues to release new films every year including The Winter of the Year was Warm (2012), Santa Barbara(2014) and Two Rooms, Two Nights(2016). 


    It is a unique drama, where four stories of men and women taking place for a day based on their meeting, separation, longing, and reunion are all wrapped up with one story.  A large number of actors who played leading roles in Director Cho Sungkyu’s previous films have joined the film, raising expectations. Another interesting point is that nine male and female actors appear in each episode, playing characters named Hyunsoo, Jeongyoon, and Yoonjoo. 

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