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  • Box Office: May 29 - June 11, 2014
  • by HA Sung-tae /  Jun 16, 2014
    Tom Cruise’s popularity is still powerful enough in Korea to revive theaters after the Sewol ferry disaster. However, since Hollywood blockbusters for summer season are pouring out, Korean films are doing rather sluggish. The blockbusters are dominating the top box office rankings except for a persistently well received local movie flick, A Hard Day. According to the integrated ticket sales network of the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) on June 10th, Edge of Tomorrow, released on the 4th of this month, is overwhelmingly ahead of competitors. The film recorded 1,987,871 admissions in total over the weekend (6th~8th), maintaining 801 screens. Also, it showed over 40% of market share during the weekend, attracting 469,545 spectators just on June 6th. Its domestic popularity is higher than North America’s debut where it hit third place at the box office. The film is remarkably loved by Korean audiences due to the application of time loop, ingenious plot and its mixed genre of SF, war and action. Directed by Douglas Eric Liman in addition to Tom Cruise’s fame added to the success.
    Meanwhile, a local movie A Hard Day is still in the game at the Korean market. Starring LEE Sun-kyun and CHO Jin-woong, the film which was released on May 29th