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  • Box office, November 1-14
  • by Darcy Paquet /  Nov 16, 2012
    Yet another local film has taken the box office by storm, in a year of unprecedented commercial success for Korean cinema. A Werewolf Boy featuring young stars SONG Joong-ki and PARK Bo-young has steadily gained momentum since its release on October 31, selling a massive 3.9 million admissions (~$25.4 million) in two weeks. The film far outpaced any of its competitors, and given the fact that it sold 28% more tickets in its second weekend compared to its first, it is expected to continue putting up strong numbers for the foreseeable future.
    The film also has the distinction of setting a new box office record for "suneung day,” the date on which high school seniors take their university entrance exams. Each year large numbers of students book tickets for films in the evening after the exam has finished, but A Werewolf Boy’s one-day score of 340,000 tickets outpaced the totals o