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  • The Actress of Positive Stateless/BEA Doo-na of Air Doll
  • by BECK Una /  Jul 01, 2009

  • It’s rude to ask her nationality. BAE Doona, born in Korea, October 11, 1979, isn't just an actress who can be confined as a ‘Korean actress’. She does not possess the so-called ‘export-friendly’ ‘Mulan' appearance, of long black hair with sharp eyes. By all account, she does not have the looks of a typical international star. The face which can make perspective powerless and is beyond intimacy. Her face is at the very unique spot where you can hardly argue whether it is pretty or not, or tell where she is from. Then we might call her an actress from earth, but even that seems far fetched at times. So all these identifications become meaningless.
     The messages BAE Doo-na tries to convey in her films often overcome the language, which divides nations as well as cultures. She was the one character able to communicate with her mute lover RYU (SHIN Ha-kyun) with sign language in Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002) by PARK Chan-wook. She shared her loneliness through rhythms of guitar and drums with the members of The Blue Hearts band in Linda Linda Linda (2005) by Nobuhiro YAMASHITA. It was BAE who filled her mouth with a large dumpling and swallowed her sorrow in Take Care of M