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Ko - production in Busan
  • ‘Digital Bay’, Finally Unveiled
  • by JANG Sung-ran /  Oct 10, 2012
  • Digital production system is finally established at Busan film studio
    The Busan International Film Commission is busy during the Busan International Film Festival(BIFF). The Industry Session of the Asian Film Policy Forum 2012 held at BEXCO offers a chance to learn about On-set advance visualization and virtual production method and technology, of which the efficiency and importance have been increasing, and figure out the secrets of globally successful films to satisfy audiences who expect improvement in elaborateness of films.
    At the seminar entitled ‘Stretch your imagination! About what you can get from virtual production!’ the birth of advance visualization and the background of its development as an essential element of film production were introduced.
    Participants could see how advance visual technology was applied in Hollywood’s blockbusters such as 300, Alice in Wonderland, Iron Man 2 and Total Recall. They also learned how important the influence of advance visualization on decision for investment and arrangement of gross budget for films is. Over 160 participants including cineastes and film related people showed high interest in advance visualization technology.
    On October 10th, a presentation session themed ‘Dream set, functions and the reality of On-set advance visualization’, connected to the seminar, will provide with a place for discussion about advance visualization technology and working process hidden behind recent virtual production. ‘Digital Bay’, a new virtual studio with Asia’s first virtual production functions will be unveiled and a pilot film will be released.
    Meanwhile at ‘Film Commissioners as Industry Boosters’, a film commission session, roles and functions of film commission, whose domain has increased in various fields of film industry, will be examined and needs of the industry and ways to strengthen the capacity of film commission will be discussed.
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