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Ko - production in Busan
  • Don LEE to Play in WONDERFUL LIFE
  • by KIM Hyun-jung /  Aug 08, 2016
  • Fantasy Comedy with KIM Young-kwang and LEE Yoo-young


    Don LEE of TRAIN TO BUSAN is to take lead in Wonderful Life which will be directed by JO Won-hee, who previously made Enemy At The Dead End (2010). It is a comedy where a policeman in a coma is helped by his not-so-friendly neighbor.


    Don LEE plays the role of Jang-su, director of a judo studio, and a widower who has devoted his life to his dear daughter. Tae-jin, a righteous and dedicated policeman with a non-flexible character, who is therefore always in disagreement with Jang-su, is played by KIM Young-kwang, a young and promising actor; and his fiancee, a fish dealer who has a mind of steel, is played by LEE Yoo-young, who also appeared in FATAL INTUITION (2015) and The Treacherous (2015).


    Don LEE is one of the hottest actors in Korean cinema today, appearing in TRAIN TO BUSAN, which is the biggest opening ever in Korean film history and was also screened at Cannes Film Festival this year, and Familyhood. Wonderful Life is all the more promising for LEE’s appearance in it. The film is to start shooting in August to be released next year.

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