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Ko - production in Busan
  • Second Korean Film Breaks the 10 Million Mark This Year
  • by KIM Hyun-min /  Oct 23, 2012
  • MASQUERADE Becomes the 7th Korea Film in History to Draw Over 10 Million Admissions
    Masquerade broke the 10 million mark on 20th October, six weeks after its release, drawing 221,229 on Sunday. This means that the total number of admissions for the film is now 10,041,566 just 38 days after its released, making it the seventh Korean film in history to surpass the 10 million mark following The Thieves  (13,030,227), The Host(13,019,749), King And The Clown (12,302,831) Taegukgi (11,756,735) Haeundae(11.39 million) and Silmido (11,081,000).
    The speed of ticket sales going over the 10 million mark in 38 days is one week faster than that of King And The Clown which broke the 10 million mark 45 days after its release and the same as that of Avatar which remains the overall number one box office hit. And whereas Avatar (December), The Thieves (July), The Host (July), King And The Clown (December), Taegukgi (February), Haeundae (July) and Silmido (December) were all released during the summer or winter peak seasons, Masquerade is unique in that it was released during the non-peak season of September.
    The investor/distributor of the film, CJ Entertainment said possible reasons for its success may include the fact that it was the first historical fiction film on the Choseon King Gwanghae and the subject matter of the film dealing with the concept of ideal leadership. Another possible reason, according to CJ Entertainment, is the excellent acting by LEE Byung-hun and RYU Seung-ryong and the mix of laughter and catharsis.
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