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Ko - production in Busan
  • The first theatrical feature documentary made by a Korean in New Zealand
  • Sep 01, 2011

    The New Zealand International Film Festival has recently screened the first theatrical feature documentary made by a Korean in the country.  <Moving>  (2011) focuses on a Korean couple and the struggles they faced before, during and after the infamous series of earthquakes which systematically devastated Christchurch houses, schools, business and its entire central business district.  In 2002 JUNG Jin-sun arrived back in New Zealand to join his wife LEE Kyung-mee and their 2 sons.  He only had $300 in his pocket and for years they lived a frugal life existing from one disappointment to another.  Eventually, with a loan from a friend they set up a restaurant that, after much hard work, expanded into another much bigger restaurant.  The documentary profiles their struggle and their successes right up to the earthquake which destroyed both of their two businesses.
    The story was shot and directed by PARK Ki-yong who experienced Christchurch and its struggles while researching the plight of 'Goose Families' - Korean families who live in a foreign country while their husband remains working in Korea.  His initial focus was to make an eventual feature about the plight of these families who face great emotional and physical upheaval in order for their children to gain an overseas education.  However, after seeing the city he grew to love shattered by a series of violent earthquakes he came back to examine the affects on the thousands of Korean migrants living there. 
    Director PARK is a producer, director and writer with many film credits to his name including <Camels> (2002) and <Motel Cactus> (1997).  He acted as the head of the Korean Academy of Film arts from 2001 to 2009 and co-founded Cinema Digital Seoul, an international digital film festival.  He is currently living in New Zealand as a University of Auckland Visiting Research Fellow.   The film is produced by PARK and Michael Stephens a successful film and entertainment lawyer who has assisted in the production of many films both from Korea and New Zealand including District 9 (2009) <Black Sheep> (2006) and <Antarctic Journals> (2005).  <Moving> will also screen at the Vancouver International Film Festival this September.
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