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Ko - production in Busan
  • Veteran Actors Wake Up from Hibernation in HOW TO STEAL A DOG
  • by June Kim  /  Aug 18, 2014
  • MOTHER Actress Finally Returns to Silver Screen 

    Based on the children’s novel by Barbara O’Connor, How to Steal a Dog will be made into a Korean film with KIM Hye-ja. KIM has been in the hiding since BONG Joon Ho’s Mother (2009) where she was cast with WON Bin and was praised for her performance.

    Also starring in How to Steal a Dog are two other renowned actors who have kept it low for the past few years. CHOI Min-soo, the icon of Korean masculinity, returns to Korean filmmaking scene after 8 years since Holiday. He has a long list of filmography starting from the 80s and will play a homeless character in How to Steal a Dog. Also returning after a long hiatus is GANG Hye-jung, who shined in Old Boy (2003) and Welcome to Dongmakgol (2005), and will take the role of the protagonist’s mother. Playing the lead, Georgina, is LEE Re of Hope.
    Georgina, seeing that her family is not doing very well, decides to steal a dog in order to make money by claiming the rewards. The film will be directed by KIM Sung-ho who directed Into the Mirror (2003) and Horror Stories II (2013) and is produced by Threeway Productions. The film is currently in the middle of shooting.
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