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  • Press Conference Held for MISS GRANNY
  • by SONG Soon-jin /  Dec 20, 2013
  • Latest Feature from SILENCED Director HWANG Dong-hyuk

    What if a 74 year-old foul-mouthed old lady returned as a young 20 year-old? A press conference for Miss Granny was held at the Apgujeong CGV theater, Seoul on December 16th. The third feature film of filmmaker HWANG Dong-hyuk, who directed My Father (2007)and Silenced (2011) attended the press conference of this family comedy, aiming for theatrical release during the Lunar New Year’s holiday, with NA Moon-hee of May 18 (2007) and Cruel Winter Blues (2006), SHIM Eun-kyoung of Sunny (2011) and Masquerade, and PARK In-hwan of Thirst (2009) and The Quiet Family (1998).
    Miss Granny deals with the story of Mal-soon, played by NA Moon-hee, who is transformed into a 20 year-old woman after finding out that her children are trying to admit her into a nursing home and visits a photo studio by chance. When no one seems to recognize her, she introduces herself as ‘OH Du-ri’ and becomes determined to enjoy her youth once again.
    The comedy in this film stems from the various situations that arise when a woman who speaks and acts like the elderly Mal-soon lives in the body of the young OH Du-ri. SHIM Eun-kyoung, who gave an outstanding performance as the foul-mouthed teenager in Sunny commented on her role in this film with pride, “I was a bit intimidated by the script when I first read it, but then I realized I had a grandmother-like quality in me. The way I spoke and walked in this film is just like I am most of the time.” Also adding, “This film is quite close to my heart as it is the first film for me to star in not as a child actor, but as full-fledged actress, SHIM Eun-kyoung”. NA Moon-hee also talked about her attachment to her role, “Miss Granny brought out a nature in me that has never been expressed before.”
    Director HWANG Dong-hyuk stated his satisfaction with the casting, “Although we followed the principle of star casting from th