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Ko - production in Busan
  • Press Showcase for MR. GO Takes Places
  • by JANG Sung-ran /  May 31, 2013
  • KIM Yong-hwa, “There are no national boundaries with my films”

    The press showcase for the 3D film Mr. Go was held at a hotel in Seoul on May 29th. Director KIM Yong-hwa at the showcase said, “I eagerly wish for the expansion of the Korean film market.” He continued, “One day, when I met the chairman of a Hollywood production company, he suggested that I direct an American film.” He then said, “I thought over what to do and finally decided to go to the Chinese market. I went to China simply after receiving an invitation from the chairman of Huayi Brothers. That’s also when I met the director FENG Xiaogang. They both said they became my fans after watching 200 Pounds Beauty. They asked me to join their next project.”
    He added, “Many companies showed interest in Mr. Go after the scenario was done, but I showed it to Huayi Brothers first. The decision was made very soon. We are preparing to release it on 2,000 screens in China.
    He finally said, “The Republic of Korea is my home country, but as for my films, there should be no national boundaries. Like what I did this time, I will solely think about the story, emotions and other factors related to the film that I make.” The Chinese actress XU Jiao, who came to Korea for publicity of the film, said, “It was an honor for me to work with KIM Yong-hwa, who made 200 Pounds Beauty. I learned new things doing the work, especially circus skills and the Korean language.”
    Mr. Go is a film about the baseball playing gorilla Ling Ling and his agent Wei Wei. The gorilla joins a Korean professional baseball team, where he grows into a super star. The production cost was KRW 20 billion (USD 17.7 million). It will be released in July.
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